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Blood pressure patients will do best to purchase a home blood pressure monitor because they will need to monitor their blood pressure at regular intervals. However, there are a wide range of home blood pressure monitors available in the market. Anyone needing a monitor needs to ensure that they purchase the best and the most accurate monitor available in the market.

The need for blood pressure monitoring at home

There are different types of blood pressure monitors available for regular use at home. If you have one for yourself you don’t have to go to your physician every time. You also need to monitor your blood pressure levels at home because you want to avoid both “white coat” and “masked” hypertension when blood pressure readings at the clinic and your home are not alike.

However, a blood pressure monitor that is fully automatic or digital is convenient to use. Among the monitors that measure blood pressure at upper arm and those that measure blood pressure at your finger or wrist, it is best to use the one that measures the blood pressure at upper arm. They will give you accurate results consistently.

How to measure blood pressure at home

There are few things you need to be careful with while testing your blood pressure. The cuff in upper arm blood pressure monitors need to be wrapped around your arm. An upper arm monitor is recommended for correct monitoring. Avoid monitoring within 30 minutes of smoking or drinking caffeine. Other measures to keep in mind include wear loose fitting clothes, use the same arm, relax for five minutes before monitoring, ensure to support your arm, and ensure that the cuff level is close to your heart level.

Buying the right home blood pressure monitor

The foremost characteristic that you need in blood pressure monitors to be used at home is its accuracy. The monitors that are validated clinically for accuracy are the best monitors to use. Many advanced nations have agencies that certify or validate the quality of medical products. Depending on the nation you live in, you may like to select a monitor that has been validated.