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Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. recently announced the a voluntary recall of the FreeStyle InsuLinx Blood Glucose Meters in the United States. This is due to incorrect test results at extremely high blood glucose levels.

Abbott has discovered that at extremely high blood glucose levels of 1024 mg/dL and above, the FreeStyle InsuLinx glucometer will display and save incorrect test results that is 1024 mg/dL below the measured result. For example a blood glucose reading of 1052 mg/dL, the meter will display and save a value of 28 mg/dL (1052 mg/dL – 1024 mg/dL = 28 mg/dL).


If you are a diabetes patient using the FreeStyle InsuLinx Meter, you should take immediate action to address this issue with your meter. You can take one of the following actions:

1. Patients can access a InsuLinx software update to resolve the issue atwww.freestyleinsulinx.com/swupdate. The software update will allow users to maintain personal settings and historical data on their FreeStyle InsuLinx meter.

2. Patients can contact Abbott Diabetes Care Customer Service department at 1-866-723-2697 FREE to accelerate a return and replacement of your FreeStyle InsuLinx meter at no charge. Replacement glucose meters are available, and Abbott Diabetes Care will immediately send you a new meter upon request.

This voluntary recall does not affect the FreeStyle InsuLinx strips or any other FreeStyle or Precision meters.