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ABOUT DHSmed.com

DHSmed.com is owned and operated by Outsource Pharmacy Solutions, located in beautiful sunny San Diego County California.

Who we are:

We’re a unique team of talented marketers, engineers, data analysts, and merchandisers. Our deep knowledge of eCommerce uniquely intersects with an extensive understanding and experience in the Health & Medical Products space, so we can deliver results and drive revenue. Our team is data focused, extremely hard-working, results oriented, and passionate about what we do.

We work closely with brands and manufacturers to help make sense of the complicated landscape of eCommerce opportunities, and to design and launch effective, ROI-delivering online strategies.

We believe in the protection of your brand on Amazon and our team works endlessly to defend and enhance the value of your brand. We have our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing Amazon landscape and help you navigate it. DHS Med is continually evolving to provide brands the best in technology, full funnel advertising, listing optimization, and strategy to make working with Amazon a positive experience.

Team DHS
DHSmed.com Staff