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Most people with diabetes often are seen to have problems with hypoglycemia. It is caused due to low blood sugar levels that occur when there is inadequate supply of glucose in the body, which is needed to fuel the cells. There are a number of factors that lead to hypoglycemia, the most common of which are diet and certain medications. The symptoms are felt by diabetes patients when the sugar level drops to 70 milligrams per deciliter or lower. The symptoms may include dizziness, confusion, hunger, trembling, weakness and anxiety. People may even pass out, and in extreme cases, where hypoglycemia is not treated they may even go into coma.

It is essential that you know the right amount of insulin you need to administer for the carbohydrates that you consume, which your doctor would suggest. Since there is a possibility that you inadvertently end up consuming food that can cause hypoglycemia, it is wise to keep diabetes diet supplements handy.

GlucoBurst is a nutritional supplement in the form of gel that contains 15 grams of glucose per packet specifically designed for people who are active. It comes in cherry flavor in a box of 3. You can also carry glucose tablets byDex 4 to counter sudden episodes of hypoglycemia. Each tablet contains 4 grams of glucose and comes in packs of 50 and 10 tablets. You can choose from assorted fruit, orange, raspberry, watermelon, and grape flavors. It also comes in the form of tropical blast fruit flavor gel.