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If you have diabetes, you are at risk of developing many diabetes-related complications. So, it is vital to manage this ailment adequately. One of the most important aspects of diabetes management is blood glucose monitoring. If you maintain the blood glucose to near normal levels, your cha

nces of developing complications are drastically reduced

Regardless of whether you are on insulin, lifestyle modification or oral medication for diabetes control, you should check the glucose levels regularly. Patients who take insulin injections or use insulin pumps must check the levels at least 3 times a day. The exact timing and frequency of the checks are best advised by your doctor. Also, when you are ill, your blood sugars are more prone to fluctuations due to medications and levels need to be checked frequently. So, it is vital that you let your doctor know about your condition when you go for the treatment of your illness.

Traditionally, diabetics check blood sugar levels using lancets, which are pricked on the finger for blood sample on a test strip. This is known to be one of the most accurate methods of checking the levels but can cause skin tearing. A device called Accu-Chek FastClix is very effective in giving you a comfortable blood glucose level testing. It contains 6 preloaded lancets with 11 depth settings and minimum side-to-side motion to prevent skin tears. It even has a lancet counter to let you know exactly how many are still remaining. This device is a must have for chronic diabetes patients.