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Ladies, have you read the latest research about the association between type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease? Two studies, one that appeared in Diabetologia and the other in The Lancet, both drove one main point home. As diabetic or pre-diabetic women, we are more prone to having heart attacks and strokes. Scary thought right? Good thing there are blood pressure monitors that also take glucose readings.


One of them is the Advocate Redi-Code Duo Blood Pressure Monitor. It will help women get a handle on both diseases and hopefully lower their risk of experiencing an adverse health event. There is a lot to adore about this dual glucose and blood pressure monitor too. It is battery operated, doesn’t require coding and gives four readings, in two different languages, rather quickly. Plus, people with low vision will appreciate the dual glucose and blood pressure monitor’s audible reading capabilities and oversized LCD screen.

Speaking of record keeping, the monitor is computer download compatible, comes with its own carrying case and can hold 450 time/date stamped test results. The readings cover a person’s glucose level, pulse rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings. So users can track how the three are impacting their overall health in any given circumstance.

We’d suggest that women record their readings in a journal that includes information about their family history, menstrual cycle, kidney function and vision deficits, as they all play a role in diabetics’ well-being. That way, when an in-depth analysis is needed, the journal can be turned over to a healthcare team.

In addition, we should mention that the dual glucose and blood pressure monitor has great safety features too. The safety features include, but are not limited to ketone, operational temperature and low power warning signals. Yes, dual glucose and blood pressure monitors don’t get much more jam packed with great design elements than that.

options. They include devices like the Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor and the Omron IntelliSense Blood Pressure Monitor with MS HealthCault. We like the wrist monitor because it activates automatically and has the capacity to store readings for two different people. That’s makes it great for pre-diabetic and diabetic couples or mother-daughter weight loss teams. The second blood pressure monitor that we mentioned has fabulous features too.

To learn more about them and the other blood glucose monitors on the market today that may help women control their health conditions, please contact us at Diabetes Health Supplies. Free shipping is currently available on all blood pressure monitor orders that exceed $50.