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Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have come up with a breath sensor device that’s designed to detect and monitors diabetes. Although the device has yet to be tested on humans, the scientists anticipate a major potential impact of their discovery on both people with undiagnosed diabetes and diabetics who certainly dislike the continuous blood glucose monitoring the condition requires.

Similar to fruit pop, the University of Pittsburgh scientist designed a sensor that’s a type of stick device. Researchers were able to come up with a sensor instrument by using the combination as an electrical semiconductor, then measuring electrical resistance in the form of a signal from the sensor. They determined that light would activate the sensor, causing it to emit an electrical charge. After heating the nanotubes in the sensor device with ultraviolet light, the scientists were able to measure resulting acetone vapors.

The scientist calculations were precise enough to convince themselves that their instrument probably had excellent capabilities for diagnosing diabetes and for monitoring blood glucose levels. As a result of their findings, the scientists are designing a sensor prototype that they hope to begin testing soon on humans.

When consumer ready, the breath sensor should be easy to use, noninvasive and inexpensive. Diabetes Health Supplies will keep you informed when more details are available.