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Diabetes Health Supplies has brands ranging from McKesson, TENA, First Quality, Coloplast, Covidien, and countless more. Our average product price is $20.00 – $30.00, featuring categories including Beauty, Health & Grocery, Home, Garden & Tools, Electronics & Computers, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry and Automotive & Industrial. Additional top products include Nova Max Ketones, Unistrip Diabetes Test Strips, and Airlife Modudose Saline Solution.

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The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of compression socks

Unlike traditional dress or sports socks, compression garments are intended to enhance blood circulation to the legs by applying graduated pressure (from the ankle upward) to the lower extremities.

Who would benefit from compression socks? Those with medical conditions such varicose veins, peripheral edema, venous insufficiency and lymphedema will all benefit from compression garments. Additionally, people whose job mandates standing for prolonged periods of time and athletes should consider trying compression to ease leg discomfort.

What makes compression socks different from regular hosiery? A.K.A. support hose or gradient stockings, these garments are designed to alleviate the feeling of heaviness in the lower legs and greatly reduce swelling. By increasing oxygen delivery to the lower extremities the legs feel less fatigued.

When should they be worn? Make these socks a part of your daily wardrobe. It is important that they have the right compression for your particular need. Always check with your health care provider prior to extended use. Additionally, in order to ensure optimum efficacy, replace the socks two-three times a year.

Why do they help? Compression socks are designed to increase the blood flow in the legs. A gentle squeezing effect that helps push the blood back up the leg to reduce,or lessen, swelling. The pressure on the leg results in increased blood flow to the heart and causes less pooling  in the feet and ankles

Allegiance Knee Length Anti-Embolism Compression Stocking

Where can I find them?  Check out our catalogue for a variety of styles aimed to compliment any lifestyle, or contact us for help finding the specific garment that may be right for you.

I Am Diabetic, Should I Wear Compression Socks?

If you’ve had diabetes for many years, chances are good that you have your care routine down pat. You know when you need to test your blood sugar. You don’t even flinch anymore when injecting insulin. You know what foods to avoid and when you can go ahead and indulge a little.

However, as you age, certain ancillary risks of diabetes become more likely. Diabetes can lead to circulation issues.  Your doctor should have talked to you about the importance of inspecting your feet every single day for the signs of problems related to poor circulation.

Some people become lazy about actively checking their feet because they have never had any problems in the past, but it is important to be diligent about checking your feet, since you can save yourself a lot of trouble by discovering diabetes-related circulation problems early.

If you have noticed that you occasionally have swelling in your feet, ankles or calves you should talk to your doctor about the swelling right away since it may be a sign of a complication of diabetes. Your doctor may want to adjust some of your medications or keep an eye on the swelling over time. Your doctor may also recommend that you purchase and wear compression socks.

Chances are good that wearing compression socks will help improve your circulation and keep you from experiencing as much swelling in your feet and legs, which means that you can stay more active and improve your overall quality of life.

Please contact us for a wide selection of compression socks at great prices.

DHS’ List of Dos and Don’ts for College Freshmen


Are you diabetic and headed off to college in the fall? Will it be your freshmen year? If so, take a deep breath, relax and read over our list of dos and don’ts for diabetic students. It may just make your transition to college life much easier:

Do recognize that under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, diabetic college students are considered disabled. So that will enable you to enjoy certain protections under the law as well as benefit from campus disability services. Each year, the American Diabetes Association traditionally holds a free webinar on the subject. It will help explain what your rights are while you are attending school. In the meantime, you may want to read a transcript of the non-profit organization’s 2014 program and their printable self-advocacy guide online.

Don’t forget to bring insulin coolers, sharps containers, a semester’s worth of diabetes supplies, glucagon kit and a mini refrigerator with you to campus. They will help you maintain a proper diet, handle insulin reactions and take care of your other diabetes management needs while getting your college education.

Do become familiar with the healthcare facilities and diabetes support groups available on, or near, your college campus. They may come in handy should you find yourself experiencing physical, mental or emotional problems during your first semester. While you are at it, be sure to have copies of your insurance information, healthy history and medical alert jewelry on hand too.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to talk to your primary care physician about smart glucose meters. There are many on the market today that will allow you to e-mail, or otherwise electronically submit, your readings from campus to your healthcare providers back home. Of course they could also be shared with on or off campus healthcare providers too.

Do consider taking a diabetes cooking class, compiling a list of dorm-friendly diabetic recipes or scheduling meal delivery while you are on campus. There are several businesses that will typically deliver diabetic meals to college students. They include BistroMD, Magic Kitchen and Blue Apron.

To learn more about managing your diabetes at college and how to have diabetes supplies delivered to your dorm, please contact us at Diabetes Health Supplies today.

Ultrasoft Lancing Devices: An Affordable Way to Resolve Fingerpick Pain


As we all know, having diabetes requires the frequent use of lancing devices, which may be quite painful for certain individuals. What those individuals may not realize is how their choice of ultrasoft lancing devices has the potential to lessen their discomfort and speed healing.  In general, deep lacerations have a tendency to hurt more and take longer to heal.

Therefore, it’s best to start by milking the finger and setting the lancing device on a shallow penetration depth before taking a sample. In most instances, the lower numbers represent the least invasive penetration depths and the highest number is often the most invasive one. If such actions yield the right amount of blood needed for testing, there is no need to go any deeper.

If it doesn’t, it’s vital to continue milking the finger and increasing the penetration depth ever so slightly until there is enough blood available to result in an accurate sample. Of course the user may also want to try taking the blood sample in an area where the skin is less callused. In some instances, those areas may be found on the forearm and the palm of the hand.

In our experience, one product that makes the entire penetration depth selection process much easier to complete is Lifescan’s OneTouch® Ultrasoft Lancing Device. It has an impressive amount of settings to choose from and is designed to be used with thin-tipped lancets and alternate clear cap devices.

The clear caps, for those that have never heard of them before, enable diabetics to take blood samples from the palms of their hands and forearms. So even those who find that they have callused fingers, or otherwise need to use a deep penetration setting, are likely to experience less pain and minimal healing times.

To learn more about ultrasoft lancing devices and other items that may take the discomfort out of effective diabetes management, please contact us at Diabetes Health Supplies today.

Diabetic Supplies for Labor Day Weekend: 5 Must Have Items

Will you be traveling on Labor Day Weekend or just celebrating in your home town? Either way, you may want to think about stocking up on your diabetic supplies sooner rather than later. It will be one less thing on your pre-holiday to-do list and you’ll have a great excuse to scoop up the following must have items:

1.) FRIO Vitesse Diabetes Travel Case

In our experience, the FRIO Vitesse Diabetes Travel Case is one Labor Day Weekend item that is hard to do without. It’s a roomy, insulated, black bag that is 9.5-inches x 7-inches x 2.5-inches in size and customizable. So you can use it to store some of the other items on our list as well as a bit of mad money to spend at your leisure.

2.) Large or Small FRIO Wallet

Next on our Labor Day Weekend must haves list are large and small FRIO Wallets. You’ve probably heard us sing their praises before. We love them for their ability to discretely keep diabetes supplies at the perfect temperature, no matter the weather.

3.) EZY-Dose Preloaded Syringe Carrying Case

We also can’t pass up an opportunity to talk about the EZY-Dose Preloaded Syringe Carrying Case. It is made from a white, impact-resistant plastic that’s about the size of a pen light and can hold a single, 1 cc syringe at a time. One side of the case has a pocket clip. So you can wear it on your person or tuck it away inside of your diabetes travel case.

4.) TRUE2go Glucose Monitoring System

The TRUE2go Glucose Monitoring System is another item that we felt compelled to put onto our Labor Day Weekend check list. It’s unobtrusive, compact, fast and accurate. As such, you won’t have to sacrifice holiday fun for health and safety. Either put it in your pocket or your diabetes traveling case with the rest of your gear. The choice is yours.

5.) Sure-Prep Alcohol Prep Pads

Last on our list are Sure-Prep Alcohol Prep Pads. They’ll help you remove any sand, barbecue sauce, suntan lotion, sweat or grime that may be on your skin. Therefore, you’ll reduce your risk of ending up with a false reading or infection.

To learn more about these great, Labor Day Weekend diabetic supplies and others, please contact us at Diabetes Health Supplies today.

Diabetes Related Injections: Will There Ever Be a Better Way?

At the moment, being on the receiving end of a diabetes diagnosis means that you’ll have to resign yourself to routinely being poked, prodded and otherwise injected with sharp instruments. However, news published in July 2014, as well as earlier in the year, indicates that may change in the future.


The July headlines focused on type 1 diabetes and the FOXO1 gene. The gene’s connection to both major types of diabetes has been studied several times before and as a result, it is widely believed to play a significant role in metabolism. The latest study shows that with the right manipulation, it may significantly reduce the amount of injections needed to manage a person’s health.

Additional headlines from the months prior revealed that researchers from across the globe are currently working on other injection alternatives as well. The list of options presently in development includes, but is not restricted to oral medications, handheld inhalers, artificial organs, islet cell transplants and certain forms of weight loss surgery. Understandably, not all of the treatments are ready for prime time.

That said, there are at least diabetes supplies available that have the potential to make living with frequent injections a bit more bearable. Ultra thin lancets, safety lancets, ultrasoft lancing devices and fast clicking lancet devices are just four categories of diabetes products that are making diabetics’ lives a bit easier.

Furthermore, diabetes testing has also gotten a lot more precise and high tech since Sir Edward Albert Sharpey-Schafer first started looking at people’s islets of Langerhans. Today, people have access to devices like glucose meter docking stations, talking monitors, diabetes management software, wearable alarms, portable insulin coolers and a stunning variety of insulin pumps.

To learn more about each of them, please contact us online or by phone at Diabetes Health Supplies. We carry major brands, like i-port, Briggs and Medline. Plus, we offer special deals on state-of-the-art diabetes supplies throughout the year.

Nova Max Diabetes Software: For the Inner Professional Organizer in Us All

Are you the type of person that proudly displays a National Association of Professional Organizers’ membership logo and lives to stay on top of everything to do with diabetes management? If so, you’ll certainly want to consider adding Nova Max products to your healthcare toolbox. This is especially the case with the company’s diabetes software.


Nova Max’s diabetes software is literally a type-A, hyper organized person’s dream. Designed to be used with four different glucose meters, a USB data cable and computer, it has many highly desirable features. As well organized folks ourselves, we love the ability to use the software to create custom, personalized charts showing our glucose readings and insulin data. But that’s not all this baby can do. The software also includes built-in tutorials, self care pages and electronic logbooks that can hold a great amount of organized data. And who among us doesn’t adore organized data?

It should come as no surprise that one of the great glucose monitors that are compatible with the software is included in the Nova Max Plus® Glucose Meter Kit. It is an exceptionally reliable, dual purpose device that has been winning over many type 1 and type 2 diabetics for some time now. The kit comes with its own carrying case, ketone test strips, control solution, lancets, lancing device, glucose test strips and glucose monitor. Plus, you get reference guides, a warranty card, battery, owner’s manual and a log book. So everything you need to check and record your ketone and blood glucose levels are truly all in one place.


When you are ready to import and organize the data into charts and graphs, grab the USB cable. Plug one end into your computer and the other into the blood glucose monitor. Then follow the easy download instructions that come with the diabetes software pack and keep on with your organized life. To learn more about staying organized and in control of your diabetes, please contact us at Diabetes Health Supplies. We have both of the afore mentioned Nova Max products in stock, year round, and we ship nationwide.

Summer Diabetic Foot Injuries Require First-Rate Wound Dressings

Apparently, for beach goers living in Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, stepping on a pop top requires no more treatment than downing a blender full of booze, crushed ice and some table salt. But for the people living with diabetes in the world, summer pop top injuries are much more serious. As a matter of fact, a diabetic’s predisposition towards developing neuropathy, circulatory and immune system problems makes the cuts and bacteria associated with such beach season injuries potentially deadly. That’s the chief reason why it is so vital to treat foot injuries with the right medicines and dressings.


So which dressings are ideal for treating a diabetic’s summer foot injuries? Experts widely agree that moist ones are wonderful at controlling exudate but they are not always an appropriate choice. As such, it is not uncommon for doctors to recommend a vast array of dressings to their injured, diabetic and pre-diabetic patients. Some of the more popular dressings are hydrocolloids, hydrogels, hydrocellular foams, polyurethane films and calcium alginates.

Hydrocolloid and hydrogel dressings are excellent to use when a foot injury is producing a moderate about of discharge. Hydrocelluar foams, on the other hand, are ideal for situations when heavy discharge is present. Polyurethane films and calcium alginates may be used for lightly exuding foot injuries and in conjunction with other wound dressings.

The list of additional dressings used to treat diabetics’ summer wounds includes, but is not limited to silver, iodine, protease modulating, PHMB, low-adherent silicone, honey and odor control. Depending on the situation, they may be paired with topical antimicrobial ointments, oral antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, surgical debridement and larval therapy.

Knowing all of this, at Diabetes Health Supplies, we keep a huge assortment of dressings in stock. So pre-diabetics, diabetics and their family members will be able to find just what their doctors’ ordered. To find the wound dressing that is right for any given diabetic foot injury, please contact us by dialing (866) 622-4984 FREE.

5 Great Diabetic Supplies to Help Keep Your Tootsies Healthy This Summer

Summer can be hard on anyone’s feet. However, it can be especially brutal if you are dealing with diabetes. Thankfully, there are diabetic supplies on the market today that can help keep people’s tootsies healthy and feeling great throughout the warm days ahead. Here’s a look at five worth adding to your family’s summer shopping list:

1.) Moisture Barrier Antifungal Cream

Summer is prime time for the development of funky infections like athletes feet. So a bottle or tube of moisture barrier antifungal cream is definitely one item to consider adding to your summer shopping list. One product that works well is Coloplast Baza Moisture Barrier Antifungal Cream. Made with miconazole nitrate and zinc oxide, it may be used to protect the feet, as well as other areas of exposed skin, from fungal infections and warm weather related irritation.

2.) High SPF Sunscreen

Of course there is more to maintaining one’s feet than applying a bit of antifungal cream as needed. It’s also important to protect one’s tootsies from the sun and heat damage. That’s why adding high SPF sunscreen to your list is a great idea too. Consider applying it to both the tops and bottoms of your feet and the rest of your body as well.

3.) Foot Rejuvenating Cream

Next on our list is a container of DiabetiDerm Foot Rejuvenating Cream. Made with L-arginine HCL, it is designed to keep a person’s feet from drying out and cracking. In addition, it’s said to help alleviate summer related swelling, irritation and calluses.

4.) Diabetic Quarter Socks

If you plan on engaging in outdoor activities that require a good deal of walking, we’d suggest wearing well-fitting shoes and a pair of Ecosox Diabetic Bamboo Quarter Socks too. They are truly perfect for summer. Each pair has all of the features that you would expect from diabetic socks. In addition, they are absorbent, thermo-regulating, odor resistant and have built-in UV protection.

5.) Gentle Body Wash

Last on our must have list of summer diabetic supplies is a bottle of Aloe Vesta Body Wash & Shampoo. It’s no rinse formula makes is ideal for cleaning your feet at the beach, pool or other outdoor locations. Plus, you can use it on a daily basis inside the house as well.

To learn more about these great, summer-worthy diabetic supplies for keeping one’s tootsies in tip-top shape, please contact us at (866) 622-4984.

Why Choose the FastClix Lancet System?

Over the past decade, technological advances have made great strides in making living with diabetes easier. The new FastClix lancet system is one such way with its easy to use lancing device.

FastClix is simple and just what the name implies. Fast. With a preloaded drum filled with six lancets, it is a much more user friendly device than its predecessor, the Mulitclix. To change the drum you simply remove the black cap by pulling it straight off the pen, insert a new preloaded drum white end first until it clicks, and replace the cap. No need to handle small, individual lancets.


Roche, the makers of FastClix, have taken away the need to cock the FastClix with each use as well, and have made it easier to rotate to a new lancet. You only have to push the white lever to one side and with a click it rotates. From there all you do is push your thumb down on the top button and the lancet lances your finger.

Another new feature not on the older generation Multiclix is the actual large, easy to read number counter showing remaining unused lancets in the drum. What’s more, the dial never goes to “0”, but stays at “1”, meaning when you are out and about and unable to load a new drum, you can reuse the last lancet as often as you need. Note it is recommended to use a new, sterile lancet with each stick for hygienic purposes. Needles do dull and bend and become less gentle as they are reused as well. However, in a pinch, you won’t be left in a bind with this system.

Maybe most importantly, the FastClix lancet system has been proven the least painful testing device on the market. With new technology Roche has minimized the side to side motion, making for a smooth skin entry, equaling less pain. The FastClix comes with eleven depth settings as well.

Please contact us at Diabetes Health Supplies for help with all of your diabetic health needs.

The Benefits of Adding Turmeric & Flax to Diabetic Foods

In November of 2012, the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition published a research article that outlined the benefits of turmeric for inhibiting the enzymes linked to type 2 diabetes. In this study, the volatile oils in turmeric were found to be more effective in the treatment of type 2 diabetes than prescription medication.

Turmeric has a rich flavor and is one of the key components of curry spice. Turmeric tastes wonderful when added to diabetic foods such as steamed vegetables and whole-grain pastas, while curry is an excellent spice to add to low-fat chicken breast and fiber-rich bean dishes and soups


In January of 2012, the Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences published a research article that explored the powerful health benefits of flax, which included diabetes care. Flax was shown to significantly improve peak blood glucose levels and maintain blood-sugar control for those with diabetes. In addition, the study found that flax helps in heart disease prevention, cancer prevention, and hormone balancing.

Flax can be consumed in seed, oil, or ground form. Flax flour is an outstanding gluten-free substitute for traditional flour in diabetic recipes, while flax seed oil is perfect as a dietary supplement. Flax seed, on the other hand, serves as a great addition to many diabetic foods that can be easily added to salads, wraps, yogurt, and other dishes to add a slightly nutty flavor.

Remember that it’s very important to eat healthy foods, yet just as important to keep a close eye on your insulin levels to help fight against the serious side-effects of diabetes. By adding turmeric and flax to your diabetic diet and monitoring your health with diabetic supplies such as glucose meters and on-the-go SPIbelts, you will get a much better handle on diabetes. For more information about diabetic foods, supplements, products and essential supplies, contact us.

Socks for People with Diabetes

Persons living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes have to purchase certain products to help manage the disease, including glucometers and testing strips, lancet devices and even alcohol swabs. There are numerous other kinds of products that may be beneficial for the diabetic but are not considered “must haves”. One such item is diabetic socks.

Because many persons with diabetes have circulatory problems, diabetic socks are made without elastic so that they don’t bind and restrict blood flow. Most diabetic socks also control moisture to aid in the prevention of infections, and the toes are seamless to prevent pressure and blistering.

One type of diabetic sock is made by Ecosox using bamboo fiber fabric. Compared to cotton, this bamboo fabric is soft, warm, and odorless; it can also absorb 3-4 times more moisture than cotton.

While the Ecosox Diabetic Socks are non-binding, the company states that they are designed to stay up and do not slide down and bunch around the ankles. Another property of this brand is thermo-regulation: they keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. Ecosox are made in several different colors.


Another maker of diabetic socks is Sugar Free Sox, based in San Diego, California. Sugar Free Sox keeps the sock up with a “unique construction of materials”: the cotton in the sock shrinks in the wash and then expands and conforms to the leg with the aide of the spandex and nylon woven throughout the sock.

Like Ecosox, Sugar Free Sox come in a variety of colors; white may be best for persons with open wounds so that any drainage from the site can be easily seen. Sugar Sox promise to be the “most comfortable socks you’ve ever worn” or the company will refund your money.

Even if you’re not experiencing problems with your feel or legs, you might want to consider purchasing diabetic socks for the many benefits they provide. At a minimum, these socks will be far more comfortable than any others you’ve worn; that’s a big benefit in itself.

Diabetes Health Supplies carries both Ecosox and Sugar Free Sox, in addition to glucometers, test strips, insulin pump supplies and more. If you’d like to find out about our vast selection, please contact us.

Why you should choose Nova Max Plus blood ketone test strips

Nova Max Plus blood ketone test strips are designed to work seamlessly with the Nova Max Plus meter. The meter provides easy, quick and highly reliable reading for both ketone and blood glucose readings. Nova Max Plus simplifies your testing, with one meter to get the results you need.

You do not need to make meter adjustments when using the blood ketone strips. The meter automatically adjusts when the Nova Max Plus ketone strip is inserted. No coding is required preventing the potential for errors. Incorrect coding in meters can cause errors up to 50 percent in readings.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) can be a life-threatening condition in diabetic patients. DKA is a metabolic issue and also a major complication for children suffering from Type 1 Diabetes. Ketones are formed when your body breaks down fat for energy use. This energy is normally gained from carbohydrates. Without sufficient carbohydrates, your body cannot supply the needed glucose for energy. Blood testing provides more accurate ketone readings than urine testing.

Using Nova Max Plus blood ketone strips allows you to quickly notice increases in blood ketone so that appropriate medical steps can be taken. The American Diabetes Association recommends ketone testing when glucose readings are higher than 250 to 300 mg/dL. Testing should also be performed on any days when you are not feeling well. Having additional information readily available will allow you to manage your diabetes more effectively and take preventative steps to avoid additional complications.

Nova Max test strips come 10 to a box. They are individually foil wrapped and easy to carry with your meter case. Ketone test results are normally available in as little as 10 seconds. Only a small sample of blood is required. The sample can normally be taken with the same finger stick used for glucose readings. For more information about Nova Max Plus meters and testing stips contact us today.