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TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Meters are Perfect for Spring Travelers

Are you suffering from a bad case of spring wanderlust? If so, don’t let the thought of having to manage your diabetes on-the-go stop you from answering the call and enjoying the moment. There are ample diabetes supplies available today that make perfect additions to active lifestyles. The TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Meter is one that we are comfortable recommending.

TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Meters are ideal for travelers in a multitude of ways. To begin with, the no coding required, plasma calibrated meters are 1.70” x 1.46” x 0.89”. So they’ll fit inside of toiletry bags, pockets, tote bags, fanny packs, clutch purses and more. They can also be used on the forearm or fingertip, which makes it convenient to use in a variety of situations.

On top of that, the TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Meters remain operational in temperature ranges of 50° to 104°F and RH ranges of 10 to 90%. They also require a single, non-rechargeable, 3V lithium battery to operate and can hold 99 test results at a time. Therefore, you won’t have to pack extra batteries or transfer results to another device for quite some time.

In addition to those fab features, the TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Meters come with strip release buttons and can render results in 4 seconds or less. Furthermore, they’ll automatically shut-off after 2 minutes of inactivity. So you won’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of time taking care of business either.


The other feature that makes TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Meters awesome for travelers is that they do not require special lancets or calibration. However, you will want to have vials of TRUEtest™ Strips on hand. They tend to pair perfectly with the meter. To find out more about the TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Meter and other diabetes supplies suitable for globetrotters, please contact us. At Diabetes Health Supplies, we have all of the essentials families need to head outside and seize the day.

Diabetic Research – A Look at Latest Breakthroughs

Researchers are constantly studying diabetes in an effort to come up with a cure for the condition. The latest breakthroughs in diabetes research revolve around the use of integrated glucose monitors and insulin pumps, transplantation of insulin cells and the use of artificial pancreas. The relation between brain cells and insulin cells is also being studied to reach a beneficial conclusion.

Integrated glucose monitor and insulin pump

Constant monitoring is essential in order to curb the complications that could be caused by diabetes. Hence, the integrated glucose monitor and insulin pump is an ideal alternative since the sensor constantly monitors glucose levels in the blood stream while the pump discharges insulin when the body requires the same. This prevents the risk of health hazards that could be caused by elevated levels of blood sugar. It also saves the patient the trouble of constantly monitoring glucose levels manually and injecting themselves with insulin from time to time. The use of the device was recently permitted by the FDA and is believed to be a giant leap in the treatment of diabetes.

Insulin signals, fat metabolism and diabetes

Studies have revealed a correlation between insulin signals, metabolism of fats and diabetes. One of the latest researches led by American Diabetes Association proved that the insulin signal in the brain has the ability to affect the metabolism of fats and regulates levels of glucose in the blood stream. According to the American Diabetes Association, the insulin hormone in the brain controls the functioning of fat tissues that lead to insulin resistance in the body, as seen in type 2 diabetes. Fatty acids which are produced in excess get deposited in vital organs and high levels of fatty acids can lead to insulin resistance.

Talking Glucose Meters for Blind Diabetes Patients

For most blind or low vision diabetes patients, testing their blood glucose levels daily is an absolute must. Thanks to the great people at Prodigy Diabetes Careyou can test your blood sugar independently with the help of the Prodigy AutoCode & Prodigy Voice talking glucometers. These two fully audible glucose meters along side with the Prodigy Count-a-Dose (fill syringes independently) will help low vision or blind diabetics to better manage their diabetes. Find out which of the following devices is right for you.

OneTouch Verio test strips now available at Diabetes Health Supplies


The OneTouch Verio test strips are now available at Diabetes Health Supplies. These test strips work with the OneTouch Verio IQ blood glucose meter from LifeScan, also known as OneTouch. To order your Verio test strips visithttp://www.diabeteshealthsupplies.com/onetouch-verio-test-strips/ or call 1-866-622-4984 FREE today!

If you have insurance you may be able to get your Verio test strips at little or no cost through Advanced Diabetes Supply. They are a Medicare participating provider and accept most health insurance plans. Contact them today by calling 1-866-422-4866FREE or online at http://www.northcoastmed.com/verio-iq.htm

OneTouch UltraLink Wireless Meter is Available at Diabetes Health Supplies

The OneTouch UltraLink Glucose Meter by LifeScan is available (for a limited time only) from Diabetes Health Supplies.  This meter will wirelessly send accurate glucose results to the Medtronic MiniMed insulin pump and Guardian REAL-Time Systems.  This device makes bolus dosing easy any insulin pump patient.

The UltraLink Meter uses OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips<, OneTouch Delica Lancets and Lancing Device. Results can be downloaded using the OneTouch Zoom Pro Diabetes Management Software.



  • Wirelessly send results to the Medtronic MiniMed insulin pump
  • Accurate results in 5 seconds
  • 500 test memory is downloadable
  • Before and after meal averages.
  • Compatible with OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips
  • Use a OneTouch Delica Lancing Device & Lancets
  • Downloadable results with the OneTouch Zoom Pro Diabetes Management Software

Get yours from DiabetesHealthSupplies.com