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Compression Socks: A Pregnant Woman’s Best Pal When it Comes to Puffy Feet

If you are pregnant and your feet are starting to look bigger than the shoe boxes that you’ve got stacked up in the closet, take heart. All is not lost. It’s actually a problem expectant moms and others have been dealing with for centuries. As a result, there are more than a few ways to get your achy, puffy feet back down to the right size, we promise. In our experience, the best one starts with the purchase of several pairs of top-notch, comfortable, compression socks.

Compression socks are designed to do a couple of things for pregnant and non-pregnant individuals alike. To begin with, they’ll help increase arterial pressure and decrease venous pressure in the feet, legs and ankles. In turn, it will reduce incidents of puffiness, pain, venous stasis, clotting and damage to the circulatory system. The way compression socks achieve those things is with materials capable of applying graduated pressure. The graduated pressure generally goes from 100% at the ankles and slowly reduces as the socks run up towards the knee. This is done to help push the blood back to the heart and keep the tops of the compression socks from cutting into a person’s leg muscles.

Keep in mind that because compression socks work on built-in, graduated pressure systems, not all of them are created equal. As such, many manufacturers list what the graduated pressure is in several areas. That way, pregnant women and other consumers can find the pairs of compression socks that best meet their unique needs. The manufacturers also use a variety of materials, including those that won’t irritate a pregnant woman’s skin.

To see which pairs of compression socks are currently available and select a pair that’s right for you, please contact us at Diabetes Health Supplies. We carry many major brands of compression socks, including Ecosox, Core-Spun, Therafirm and Sugar-Free Sox. Options for both genders are presently in stock.