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With Insulin Coolers, Diabetics Can Confidently Hit the Road in Their RVs

If you are suffering from diabetes and long to go camping with your RV this summer, take heart. There are insulin coolers on the market today that make taking an impromptu road trip as easy as making diabetic S’mores. The Medicool MediCooler Insulin Micro Refrigerator is one of them.

There’s a lot to love about this portable, heavy-duty insulin cooler. To begin with, taking it along ensures that you won’t have to take up valuable food storage space in your camper’s fridge or ice chest. On top of that, the insulin cooler weighs slightly over 2 pounds and is a mere 8″ x 5″ x 4″ in size. Thus, it will fit right into any size travel trailer, pop-up or motorhome with ease. Plus, it’s compatible with both 12V DC auto socket adapters and campground electricity. So you can use it while boondocking too.

Another thing that diabetic campers adore about this particular insulin cooler is its digital readout feature. The digital display is conveniently located on the portable insulin refrigerator’s front corner. Therefore, whether you store the unit on your camper’s countertop or within a shelving unit, you’ll be able to ensure that your insulin is at a safe temperature with merely a glance.

Speaking of temperature sensitive diabetic supplies, the insulin cooler is designed to hold both bottles and prefilled pens. Therefore, you may opt to bring along and chill 9 standard bottles of insulin at a time. If you decide to pack prefilled pens for your camping trip instead, you may expect the cooler to accommodate a total of three items that are up to ¾” inches in diameter and 6 inches in length.

To learn more about this insulin cooler and other warm weather camping supplies that are ideal for diabetics, please contact us at (866) 622-4984. If you act now, you may be able to take advantage of free shipping and have your insulin cooler in time for that upcoming, holiday camping trip.

Get outside this summer and keep your insulin cool!

With the summer fast approaching many people are planning on outdoor excursions, whether it’s hiking on a trail, camping or just traveling to your favorite summer retreat.


When you’re a person living with diabetes, there are many other things to consider. For example, if you inject insulin, the storage and temperature control of your insulin plays a vital part in planning your trip. Years ago when we first started Diabetes Health Supplies, we found a great product that helps keep your insulin cool on those hot days.

Since we first started offering FRIO insulin cooling wallets we have heard nothing but great feedback about how well they are made and how they have allowed customers to travel on their trips with less worry.

FRIO wallets come in an assortment of colors and sizes to fit your needs. You can read a review from an actual userhere and decide if this product is right for you.

Small FRIO Wallets Can Help Diabetics Prepare for Spring Storms

Have you looked at your family’s 2014 calendar lately? Severe spring storms and the subsequent start of hurricane season will be here shortly. So now is a great to think about how you’ll manage your loved one’s diabetes during a power outage or evacuation situation.

One product that can help get you and your family safely through such trying times is a FRIO wallet. FRIO wallets currently come in two different sizes. Thesmall FRIO wallets are perfect for short power outages. The large ones, on the other hand, are well suited for extended outages and emergency evacuations.


“What makes reusable FRIO wallets so ideal for such situations?”, you may ask. We’ll tell you. They have the inherent ability to protect and store diabetes supplies at the correct temperature without the benefit of electricity. They are also portable, which makes it easy for diabetics to toss their insulin into an emergency preparedness bag and go at a moment’s notice.

Small FRIO wallets are a mere 5.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall. They also weigh less than 2 ounces. But don’t let those diminutive dimensions throw you off. Each one is made with a 65/35 poly cotton blend, Cambrelle and non-flammable crystals. So you can count on it being tough, effective and efficient. It can hold a sufficient amount of refill cartridges, Innolet Injectors or eye drop containers too.

When you are ready to activate the small FRIO wallet, you’ll need access to cold water, a bowl or sink and a towel. So we’d suggest keeping a few bottles of water into your freezer and tossing a hand towel and collapsible bowl into your emergency bag too.

Once you have those supplies on hand, activating the wallet is easy and typically takes less than 20 minutes. Afterward, it shouldn’t have to be re-activated for roughly 45 hours. Thus, that should give you enough time to get to an area that has electricity or access to more cold water.

To learn more about small FRIO wallets and how they can help your family in the months ahead, please contact us

at (866) 622-4984 FREE. At Diabetes Health Supplies, we have everything that diabetics need to weather seasonal storms.

Insulin Varieties

Insulin is an important peptide or protein chain hormone consisting of 51 amino acids in each molecule. It is produced in the pancreas to help extract energy from nutrients that are ingested, especially glucose, during metabolism. When your body is unable to produce its own insulin to keep up with your dietary intake, you get diabetes. It is treated by using varieties of insulin obtained from other animals having similar insulin, like cows.


There are four different insulin varieties that are used for treating diabetes based on its onset (time taken to start working), peak (time when it is working best), and duration (how long it will work). Rapid acting insulin is a type that is quickly absorbed and starts working within 15 minutes of injection. However, it lasts only for 2-5 hours and is only used for emergencies. Humalog and Novolog are 2 types of rapid-acting insulin.

Short acting insulin is another type that kicks in by 30-60 minutes after injection and the effects last for only about 3-8 hours. Novolin R and Humulin R are 2 types of this short-acting variety of insulin. Intermediate acting insulin is a kind that takes between 1-4 hours to kick in and the effects of this medication lasts for up to 12-18 hours. Two examples of this type of insulin are Humulin N and Novolin N. Long acting insulin takes between 1-10 hours to begin working, but once it does, it delivers a constant stream of insulin for as long as 24 hours. Lantus and Levemir are 2 examples of this kind of insulin.

In addition to this, you might also be advised by your doctor and prescribed a premixed combination of rapid-acting and intermediate-acting insulin.

Keep your insulin vials, pens, syringes and insulin pump cool and at safe temperatures while traveling or while in extreme heat without the need of a refrigerator with the FRIO Insulin Cooler Wallet.

Insulin for Diabetic Patients

Insulin is a very important requirement for individuals who suffer from diabetes. Insulin is a hormone that controls the amount of glucose or sugar in an individual’s blood. So, diabetic patients need insulin to keep their sugar levels balanced. Depending on the category of diabetes an individual is suffering from, he or she is given different type of insulin intakes.


Rapid acting and regular or short acting insulin

Rapid acting insulin is used for patients who suffer from severe diabetes. This is because this type of insulin intake shows its results in a matter of minutes, and the effect of this drug lasts for a few hours. If the patients don’t have access to rapid acting insulin, they are given regular or short acting insulin. This type of insulin works in a span of 30 minutes, and the effect of this drug lasts up to six hours as well.

Intermediate acting insulin

Intermediate acting insulin takes close to 4 hours to enter the patient’s blood stream. But the impact of this drug lasts close to eighteen hours, or sometimes even longer. The doctor prescribes this insulin for specific cases. In some cases, doctors give the patient a dosage of long-lasting insulin as well. This insulin takes close to ten hours to enter the blood stream of a patient and the effect of this insulin lasts for a whole day. But this insulin is used in rare cases as its effect lasts for a very long period of time.

Keep your insulin cold with a portable insulin cooler wallet fromDiabetesHealthSupplies.com

Keep Insulin Cold in The Summer Heat With an Insulin Cooler


How to Keep Insulin Cold

Everyday insulin dependent diabetes patients (i.e. type 1 diabetes) know the struggles of having to constantly worry about keeping insulin at constant safe temperatures. If insulin or other medications get to be at unsafe temperatures their medication may go bad and become unusable. This could eventually lead to a life or death situation.

Constantly worrying about keeping your insulin & other medications cold during the hot summer months, while traveling or even during a natural disaster can be a nightmare thought for many people. If a refrigerator is not easily accessible to keep insulin and other medications at a safe temperature, your best option is to get a FRIO insulin cooler wallet. This cooling wallet does not require any refrigeration, is activated by water, will stay activated by constant air contact, reusable and available in many different sizes & colors.

The American Diabetes Association has listed a few tips for safe insulin storage on their website.

– Do not store your insulin in extreme heat or extreme cold.
– Never store insulin in the freezer, direct sunlight, or in the glove compartment of an automobile.
– Check the expiration date before using, and don’t use any insulin beyond its expiration date.
– Examine the bottle closely to make sure the insulin looks normal before you draw the insulin into the syringe.