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Insulin Pumps Don’t Have to Cramp Fashionistas’ Fun-Loving Lifestyles

Being informed that its best to wear an insulin pump can be an emotional time in anyone’s life, especially if you happen to be a woman. After all, our wardrobes aren’t exactly medical device friendly (e.g. Brazilian bikinis and skintight, little black dresses). On a positive note, there are products that can help hide the device from view or otherwise make it less conspicuous.


One of our favorites is the Medtronic MiniMed Bra Pouch. Think of it as a one-size-fits-all fashion accessory that can help you feel good and look stunning. The soft, non-irritating pouch comes in different colors and is designed to be either fastened in place with Velcro or a needle and thread. The Velcro is included with your purchase. Whichever method you prefer, simply attach the insulin pump pouch to the inside of a padded or unpadded bra cup, sports bra or shoulder strap. Then dress as normal and go about your day or nighttime activities.

For those occasions when you don’t plan on wearing a bra, there are other insulin pump case options to choose from. Among them are the following:

  • Sports Pump Harnesses and Neoprene Sports Packs
  • Waterproof Protective Cases and Bathing Belts
  • Diabetic Belts, Belt Clips and Waist Holsters
  • Fanny Packs and Hidden Waist Pouches
  • Thigh and Leg Pouches

The waterproof and sports insulin pump cases are great if you plan on donning your fitness apparel or beach wear. Because they are ultra adjustable, the thigh and leg insulin pump pouches are fabulous for use with slinky dresses and short skirts. And as for the belts, waist and fanny packs, they’re ideal for use with jeans, shorts and skorts.

At this point, you’re also probably wondering how comfortable these items are to wear. In our opinion, they are really no different than wearing items like garter belts, cell phones, waist ruffles and the like. To learn more about the various insulin pump cases available for women and how to work them into a wardrobe, please contact us.

Food Items that Help Type 1 Diabetics to be Less Insulin Dependent

There are two main forms of diabetes that lead to elevated levels of glucose in the patient’s bloodstream – Type 1 and Type 2. In Type 1 Diabetes, the pancreas fails to produce insulin, a hormone needed for proper metabolism. Thus, in this case, insulin needs to be injected into the body to aid metabolism  typically using an insulin pump.

 Certain acids in food good for Diabetes

A research conducted at Chapel Hill, by the University of North Carolina revealed that acids present in certain foods had the ability to minimize the dependence on insulin supplements in individuals suffering from Type 1 Diabetes in addition to reducing the risks related to the condition. The research concluded that the acids – leucine and omega 3 fatty acids could rekindle the production of insulin by the pancreas for as long as two years, post diagnosis. The study based on observing thirteen hundred people, right from children to adults aged twenty – diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, was published in the July issue of the journal ‘Diabetes Care’.

Food items that help

Leucine and omega 3 fatty acids are food items that could prove to be advantageous to patients suffering from Type 1 Diabetes. Studies have proved that these acids have the ability to stimulate the production of insulin in these individuals, thereby reducing their dependence on insulin supplements for a couple of years after diagnosis.

Eggs, soy proteins and meats are the richest sources of leucine and are highly recommended as part of the diet for a Type 1 Diabetes patient. Nuts, dairy products, whole-wheat products, seaweed and tuna are other good sources of leucine. Seafood such as salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna are rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Sprinkling a pinch of powdered flax seeds over food is also recommended since it is highly nutritious.

Insulin for Diabetic Patients

Insulin is a very important requirement for individuals who suffer from diabetes. Insulin is a hormone that controls the amount of glucose or sugar in an individual’s blood. So, diabetic patients need insulin to keep their sugar levels balanced. Depending on the category of diabetes an individual is suffering from, he or she is given different type of insulin intakes.


Rapid acting and regular or short acting insulin

Rapid acting insulin is used for patients who suffer from severe diabetes. This is because this type of insulin intake shows its results in a matter of minutes, and the effect of this drug lasts for a few hours. If the patients don’t have access to rapid acting insulin, they are given regular or short acting insulin. This type of insulin works in a span of 30 minutes, and the effect of this drug lasts up to six hours as well.

Intermediate acting insulin

Intermediate acting insulin takes close to 4 hours to enter the patient’s blood stream. But the impact of this drug lasts close to eighteen hours, or sometimes even longer. The doctor prescribes this insulin for specific cases. In some cases, doctors give the patient a dosage of long-lasting insulin as well. This insulin takes close to ten hours to enter the blood stream of a patient and the effect of this insulin lasts for a whole day. But this insulin is used in rare cases as its effect lasts for a very long period of time.

Keep your insulin cold with a portable insulin cooler wallet fromDiabetesHealthSupplies.com

Spibelts Are Great for Diabetics

Already a great product and huge improvement from the old-school fanny-pack, the Spibelt has become widely used in the diabetic community recently.


The greatest use has proven to be for insulin pump users, due to it covering all the requirements of an insulin pump carry pouch and still show improved features. It’s unique design allows for a tight clean fit that can clip under or over clothing and still hold the pump firmly no-matter what size or shape. This is because the Spibelt has a firm elastic material and a unique layering of this material to scale in size. The belt also has a small port-hole in the back that can be for tubing and/or headphones. Because it is designed for use while exercising, added jogging or walking with your insulin pump is not a problem.

There is also a kids line available plus many more options and colors. We have found many diabetics are also using them for glucose meter and test strip transport, along with lancets and lancing devices. I personally have used one for my Android device while one of my co-workers uses his for an old iPod/iPhone device.

You can see the full list of products under our brands listing @ Spibelt.

OneTouch UltraLink Wireless Meter is Available at Diabetes Health Supplies

The OneTouch UltraLink Glucose Meter by LifeScan is available (for a limited time only) from Diabetes Health Supplies.  This meter will wirelessly send accurate glucose results to the Medtronic MiniMed insulin pump and Guardian REAL-Time Systems.  This device makes bolus dosing easy any insulin pump patient.

The UltraLink Meter uses OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips<, OneTouch Delica Lancets and Lancing Device. Results can be downloaded using the OneTouch Zoom Pro Diabetes Management Software.



  • Wirelessly send results to the Medtronic MiniMed insulin pump
  • Accurate results in 5 seconds
  • 500 test memory is downloadable
  • Before and after meal averages.
  • Compatible with OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips
  • Use a OneTouch Delica Lancing Device & Lancets
  • Downloadable results with the OneTouch Zoom Pro Diabetes Management Software

Get yours from DiabetesHealthSupplies.com