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Delica® Lancing Device May Reduce Testing Discomfort for Sensitive Folks

If your lancing device has been causing you more pain than you care to admit, a change may be in order. In most instances, lancet related discomfort may be traced back to six, controllable elements. They are skin fixation, penetration depth, lancet vibrations, speed, lancet tip design and lancet surfacing. One product whose design takes all six of those elements into consideration is the OneTouch®Delica® Lancing Device.


The OneTouch® Delica® Lancing Device is sold through retailers like Diabetes Health Supplies and utilizes OneTouch® Delica® lancets. To date, the device comes with a choice of two different gauge options, 33 and 30. The 33 is the thinner of the two lancets. It features a superior, sharp end with a smooth surface and flawless gliding action. Thus, it penetrates the skin quickly and without friction. The device also enables the user to adjust the penetration depth as needed.

The other nice thing about the OneTouch® Delica® Lancing Device is that its housing design includes foam padding and AGCS. Together, they help to ensure that the lancet does not move around erratically (i.e. vibrate) during use. So as you can see, all six pain-producing elements that we mentioned earlier are addressed the OneTouch® Delica® Lancing Device’s design.

Using the OneTouch® Delica® Lancing Device is a rather safe and straightforward affair too. One end of the device sports a cap designed for fingertip sampling. The other end features a depth indicator and wheel that may be set anywhere from one to seven. The center of the device, from forward to back, sports a release button, cocking control and ejection control buttons.

When it’s time to use the device, the cap gets removed and the lancet gets snapped into place. The cap then gets replaced while the lancet depth is adjusted. Afterward, the device is cocked and the cap end gets pressed against the skin while the user hits the release button. Once the release button has been hit, the lancet is deployed and the sample may be taken. The spent lancet may then be ejected with the aid of a lancet protective cover and the built-in ejection button.

To learn more about the OneTouch® Delica® Lancing Device and how it may make your testing experience pain-free, please contact us at (866) 622-4984FREE. We offer an array of diabetes testing supplies at affordable prices and free shipping on select orders.

TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Meters are Perfect for Spring Travelers

Are you suffering from a bad case of spring wanderlust? If so, don’t let the thought of having to manage your diabetes on-the-go stop you from answering the call and enjoying the moment. There are ample diabetes supplies available today that make perfect additions to active lifestyles. The TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Meter is one that we are comfortable recommending.

TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Meters are ideal for travelers in a multitude of ways. To begin with, the no coding required, plasma calibrated meters are 1.70” x 1.46” x 0.89”. So they’ll fit inside of toiletry bags, pockets, tote bags, fanny packs, clutch purses and more. They can also be used on the forearm or fingertip, which makes it convenient to use in a variety of situations.

On top of that, the TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Meters remain operational in temperature ranges of 50° to 104°F and RH ranges of 10 to 90%. They also require a single, non-rechargeable, 3V lithium battery to operate and can hold 99 test results at a time. Therefore, you won’t have to pack extra batteries or transfer results to another device for quite some time.

In addition to those fab features, the TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Meters come with strip release buttons and can render results in 4 seconds or less. Furthermore, they’ll automatically shut-off after 2 minutes of inactivity. So you won’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of time taking care of business either.


The other feature that makes TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Meters awesome for travelers is that they do not require special lancets or calibration. However, you will want to have vials of TRUEtest™ Strips on hand. They tend to pair perfectly with the meter. To find out more about the TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Meter and other diabetes supplies suitable for globetrotters, please contact us. At Diabetes Health Supplies, we have all of the essentials families need to head outside and seize the day.

Product Reviews Coming Soon – Stay Tuned

At Diabetes Health Supplies we’re committed to providing high quality affordable diabetes testing supplies and other medical supplies to help make life easier for people with diabetes. This section of our blog will be dedicated to product reviews that will include in depth analysis of diabetes product features as well as the usual specifications provided by the manufacturer.

Every month we will review a product we carry. The product categories include glucose meters, insulin pump cases, insulin coolers, lancing devices, insulin pump supplies and many more specialty items you won’t find at our competitors.

These product reviews will not be sponsored in any way as they are meant to be honest reviews of the product to give our customers a better sense of how the product works, what it looks like and how it can make your life easier.

We will also be including product videos, high resolution photos and as much detail about each product we review as possible. We look forward to your feedback and hope you find the reviews to be helpful when selecting which diabetes products you decide to use. Contact us if you have any questions or would like us to review a product for you.