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Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes

Every year the American Diabetes Association hosts Step Out which is their signature fundraising walk to stop diabetes. For over 20 years this walk has been going strong raising over $175,000,000 to stop diabetes. Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin. Insulin converts sugar, starches and other food into energy for daily living. The causes of this disease are currently unknown but events like Step Out are making the necessary steps to fight this disease.

Over 120,000 people took place in last years walk which raised over 24 million dollars for the fight against diabetes. Chances are there is a walk in your town or near you and we encourage you to join in on the fight!

Not only is this walk great for the fight against diabetes but great for your health as well. People living with diabetes are encouraged to maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Insulin pump cases and cooling wristbands are great products that are on the market for people looking to lead a more active lifestyle.

Stop by the official Step Out: Walk to stop diabetes website today and find out where your local meetup for Step Out will take place!

Understanding How Insulin Works

The purpose of insulin produced by the pancreas is to breakdown sugar to release energy. However, if insulin malfunctions, or is not produced at all or in sufficient quantity it remains in the blood stream leading to severe medical complications in the long run if not checked immediately. Lack of glucose assimilation makes a person feel perpetually tired and lethargic.

How insulin works

Insulin can be compared to a lock that unlocks the body cells so that glucose can be assimilated into the body. Insulin is a hormone and hormones play a critical role in metabolic functions of the body. For some reason, insulin production is either completely stopped or partially stopped in the human body leading to high blood sugar levels. However, insulin can be artificially administered externally, so that the metabolic functions in the body begin to take place normally, bringing down the blood glucose levels.


Types of insulin

Insulin, both artificially manufactured and naturally occurring in the human body are of different types. In the US, they are labeled according to their strength. So, they come labeled under U-40 and U-100. In exceptional cases, some people may need U-500. In addition, the naturally occurring insulin is available in two ways. Basal insulin is slow and continuously trickle, while bolus insulin is a burst of insulin released by the pancreas after meals in response to rising blood sugar levels. There are a variety of over the counter glucose tablets and gels that also can help maintain or boost blood sugar in place of meals.

Insulin to make life simple

Insulin makes life easy for diabetics. There are unfounded misconceptions about insulin that it may cause blindness or others will think you are an addict. These are unfounded notions. A large population of the world is insulin dependent. In addition, there are several ways you can administer insulin other than through injections. However, injecting insulin is not difficult or complicated once you learn how to do it. Once you get used to insulin, it will make your life easier and convenient without the threat of complications.