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Chargrilled fish is a delicious fish diet not just for the food aficionados but for every health conscious individual including the diabetics who want to manage his or her diet. The low cholesterol, protein rich fish diet uses minimal oil. The liberal use of chopped green vegetables ensures that the diet is rich in essential minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.


You will need one small finely chopped red onion, one tsp mustard seeds, one truss finely chopped, and a seeded tomato. Along with this you will also require one tsp fresh ginger finely grated. These are the essential ingredients needed.

In addition, you can add one fourth of a cup or 20gm of shredded coconut. The other ingredients include a fresh green, seeded, and thinly sliced chilly, a quarter cup of freshly chopped coriander, a pinch of caster sugar, one tbs lime juice, steamed asparagus, and steamed green beans to serve. The main ingredient is of course four firm white fish fillets of 150 gm each

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Once the ingredients are ready, cooking comes in three short steps. The first step involves heating a frying pan sprayed with oil for five minutes in medium heat. The onion is stirred in it for about five minutes till it becomes soft. Mustard and ginger seeds are stirred in it for 30 seconds till they are aromatic. The coconut is stirred for a minute or two or until it turns light golden. Set it aside separately in a bowl to cool. Stir coriander, chilly, tomato, sugar and lime juice.

In the second step, preheat chargrill or a barbecue grill on high. Now the fish is sprayed with oil and is cooked upon grill equally on each side for two to three minutes until it flakes easily and is golden. In the third step, steamed vegetables are divided and topped with the fish and coconut mixture.