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Being able to regularly monitor your blood pressure is an essential part of coping with the problem if you suffer from diabetes or blood pressure conditions. Having a blood pressure monitor handy will also help you keep track of whether certain treatments are working or not, while charting your readings will help your medical team decipher if there are any patterns that your body seems to be following.

Automatic blood pressure monitors

Automatic blood pressure monitors are becoming increasingly popular because of the ease and convenience they offer to patients suffering from blood pressure problems. Studies have also revealed that there are a number of instances where a ‘one-off’ blood pressure test can result in a false reading, which means that irregular tests at a doctor’s clinic may not be accurate. Having an automatic blood pressure monitor in your house will allow you to take multiple readings, which will negate the possibility of false or incorrect readings. There is also the possibility that your body may be building up stress as a result of a doctor’s appointment, which could spike the readings.


Accuracy is an essential part of picking out the right automatic blood pressure monitor. Make sure that the monitor you purchase has a ‘clinically validated’ sticker on its side, to ensure that the piece of equipment has undergone all the required tests to ensure accuracy. Also make sure that the one you choose is within the budget you have available.

The right fit

Making sure that the cuff fits perfectly is essential to make sure that the readings are accurate. It also ensures that you do not feel uncomfortable throughout the testing. The monitors will usually come in different cuff sizes – large, medium, and small. Choose the one that latches onto your hand properly