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Are you diabetic and headed off to college in the fall? Will it be your freshmen year? If so, take a deep breath, relax and read over our list of dos and don’ts for diabetic students. It may just make your transition to college life much easier:

Do recognize that under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, diabetic college students are considered disabled. So that will enable you to enjoy certain protections under the law as well as benefit from campus disability services. Each year, the American Diabetes Association traditionally holds a free webinar on the subject. It will help explain what your rights are while you are attending school. In the meantime, you may want to read a transcript of the non-profit organization’s 2014 program and their printable self-advocacy guide online.

Don’t forget to bring insulin coolers, sharps containers, a semester’s worth of diabetes supplies, glucagon kit and a mini refrigerator with you to campus. They will help you maintain a proper diet, handle insulin reactions and take care of your other diabetes management needs while getting your college education.

Do become familiar with the healthcare facilities and diabetes support groups available on, or near, your college campus. They may come in handy should you find yourself experiencing physical, mental or emotional problems during your first semester. While you are at it, be sure to have copies of your insurance information, healthy history and medical alert jewelry on hand too.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to talk to your primary care physician about smart glucose meters. There are many on the market today that will allow you to e-mail, or otherwise electronically submit, your readings from campus to your healthcare providers back home. Of course they could also be shared with on or off campus healthcare providers too.

Do consider taking a diabetes cooking class, compiling a list of dorm-friendly diabetic recipes or scheduling meal delivery while you are on campus. There are several businesses that will typically deliver diabetic meals to college students. They include BistroMD, Magic Kitchen and Blue Apron.

To learn more about managing your diabetes at college and how to have diabetes supplies delivered to your dorm, please contact us at Diabetes Health Supplies today.