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Diabetic patients should be alert when it comes to wounds as they heal quite slowly due to poor blood circulation. Diabetic neuropathy reduces the sensation especially in hands and feet, and you tend to notice injuries much later. Even minor wounds can lead to complications leading to amputation, which is why prevention of complications is essential.

Check your feet every day

You can prevent any complications of wounds that may occur by preventing the wound altogether. You may not be aware of your foot problems like cuts, swelling, sores, infected toenails, because of neuropathy. Hence it is very important to check your feet regularly and look for any sores or wounds that may have developed.

Wash your feet with warm water and mild soap, but don’t soak your feet in water as doing this dries them up. Make sure you dry your feet thoroughly after a wash. This is because moisture in the feet, especially between toes causes skin to break and can lead to infection. Even lotion between the toes can cause infection.

Keeping your feet from cracking

You can prevent your feet from cracking by keeping them moist and soft. This can be achieved by daily application of foot cream. Any moisturizer is sufficient. There is no need for a special cream. After washing feet, pat them with a towel to dry them instead of energetically rubbing them.

Always wear footwear and never remain barefoot. This minimizes the chance of little objects or stones getting stuck and causing cracks leading to infection. Keep your feet warm always. Never let your feet get wet in rain or snow. When trimming nails, don’t cut corners, and cut straight across.