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If you have diabetes, educational information about managing diabetes is important to your health.

If you don’t take care of your feet you’ll risk developing sores or even getting infections that could, in the worst case scenario, lead to amputations. Reduce your risk of contracting an infection or amputation by utilizing these easy 7 foot care tips…

1)  Check your feet every day- especially if you have very little sensitivity or no feeling in your feet at all. Things as simple as sores, cuts and abrasions can easily go unnoticed and become problems that may lead to an untimely amputation.

2)  Don’t walk around barefoot, even if you are indoors. It’s easy to step on something or stub your toes and cut your foot. Protect your feet by wearing socks or stockings and
shoes or slippers while inside.

3)  Be careful if you have calluses or corns. Check with your physician or foot specialist to get the proper method for caring for your specific foot condition.


4)  Wash your feet daily in warm water (NOT HOT, as this may dry out your skin). And don’t soak your feet (even if you’ve been standing all day) because it could dry your feet and you may develop cracks or sores that can lead to infections.

5)  Make sure you dry your feet completely, focusing on the areas between your toes is very important as this area traps moisture – leaving them damp or wet may create many  problems that can easily be avoided just by properly drying your feet.

6)  Exercise regularly, especially your your legs and feet. When sitting you can rotate your ankles; wiggle your toes or move your legs up and down. All of these easy-to-do actions can help keep your blood circulation flowing and help minimize the risk of problems with your feet and legs.

7)  Get your feet checked by a foot care professional, at least once a year, for sensitivity and any signs of complications or problems you notice.  You can typically arrange an appointment when you visit your physician for your annual check up to check your A1c levels (blood glucose levels over a 3-month period),blood pressure and cholesterol.

Take care of your feet every day. If you need it, get assistance from a relative or healthcare professional; Doctor, diabetes nurse or podiatrist if you are not able to bend when trimming toe nails or checking for sores.  These simple actions will help you reduce the risk of potentially huge health problems and the possibility of amputation of your feet or legs.