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Diabetes recipes

Diabetic Recipes: 8 Pancake Toppings

When you are watching your insulin levels, some typical breakfast foods are off limits.  Eggs and bacon can become tiresome, but sugar-free syrup leaves you wishing for something better for your pancakes and waffles. Here are 8 yummy pancake toppings for diabetics: 1....

Diabetic Foods: Buffalo Meat

If you are changing your diet such that you want to incorporate healthier foods, especially with respect to reducing nutritional risk factors for Type II diabetes, consider buffalo meat. While many Americans consume meat raised from cattle, there has been a small, but...

Delicious Sugar Free Oatmeal Cookies

Do you want a delicious dessert treat without having to worry about the excess sugar and calories? These diabetic friendly sugar free oatmeal cookies are for you! Take this guilt-free delicious snack out while on a hike or bring it to a potluck with your friends and...

Diet Diabetic Friendly Barbeque Meatballs

Nothing is more delicious than a barbecue meatball although typical meatballs are often very fattening and unhealthy. These delicious barbecue meatballs are not only low in fat and diabetic friendly but they're savory as well. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes...

Diabetic Peanut Butter Cookies

Thought being diagnosed with diabetes meant you can no longer have your favorite dessert dishes? Well think again! Here is a recipe for delicious diabetic peanut butter cookies. A healthy diet is essential for managing your diabetes and health conscious recipes like...

Delicious Recipe for Diabetic’s Pumpkin Pie

Cut down on carbs and fats of traditional pumpkin pie by leaving out the crust. This low fat delicious dessert recipe is great for diabetics or anyone trying to watch their carbohydrate and fat intake. Have it with or without toppings! Ingredients: 1 baked & cooled 9"...

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