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Do you need to buy special diabetic foods?

If you are recently diagnosed as diabetic your biggest concern is food.

What can you eat? Do you have to avoid your favorite foods? Is sugar verboten? What about breads and pasta? When the nutritionists start talking to you about carbohydrates and their impact on diabetes, your head may start spinning and you despair flood your heart.

Relax. It won’t be as bad as you think.


Food for diabetics is good healthy food. Don’t think of your meals as restrictive. In fact as the web site, Only My Health, says:

The foods that are healthy for people with diabetes are also good choices for the rest of your family.

Eat regular foods, but keep in mind that as a diabetic, you do have special needs. You must keep in mind how any food choices you make will affect the amount of sugar in your blood.

Some diabetics make the mistake of totally avoiding carbohydrates, but carbs are critical for all people to be healthy and energetic. Controlling food for a diabetic is just choosing foods that will give you the carbs you need when you need them. The best place to get these foods is the grocery store and the best foods are regular foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy — all the foods that you are used to eating.

Is there any place for specialized diabetic foods?

Sure, why not? Specially packaged diabetic foods offer convenience and definitely can be helpful in preparing lunches for work or snack time treats. You can use specialized diabetic to help round out your eating habits.

If you have any questions about foods, supplies, and diabetic needs, please contact us.