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Turkey burgers made special for diabetics involves buns made of whole grain and lean meat so that the fat and calories are low. Thai seasoning is for taste. Some of your daily intake needs for fruit, starch, lean meat, and carbohydrates will be met by this preparation.


The ingredients specified here will suffice for 6 burgers. Take a quarter cup of thawed frozen-egg-product or 1 beaten egg, a quarter cup of finely pieced bread crumbs, and a pound of uncooked ground breast of turkey for the meat patty. Take 6 hamburger buns, cocktail sized, made of whole grain, split and toasted. In the way of spices and herbs, take a tablespoon of Thai curry powder and three quarters of a cup of basil leaves, fresh.

You can optionally use peanut sauce and mangoes as topping. If you do, use 2 tablespoons of readymade peanut dipping sauce and a mango, medium sized, with the flesh removed from the skin, and sliced.


Take the beaten egg or egg product in a bowl and mix it well with the dry bread crumbs, ground turkey breast, and Thai curry powder. Make 6 patties from the mix, each around three quarters of an inch in thickness.

Next grill the patties on the greased rack of an open grill until either a temperature of 165 Fahrenheit has been reached on for about 15-20 minutes. Turn once during the process. Add basil to the bottom bun of a pair, put a patty on top of it, spread some peanut sauce on it, add some mango slices, and close the top half. Serve hot.


This delicious diabetic recipe is great for barbeques and family outings!