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Will you be traveling on Labor Day Weekend or just celebrating in your home town? Either way, you may want to think about stocking up on your diabetic supplies sooner rather than later. It will be one less thing on your pre-holiday to-do list and you’ll have a great excuse to scoop up the following must have items:

1.) FRIO Vitesse Diabetes Travel Case

In our experience, the FRIO Vitesse Diabetes Travel Case is one Labor Day Weekend item that is hard to do without. It’s a roomy, insulated, black bag that is 9.5-inches x 7-inches x 2.5-inches in size and customizable. So you can use it to store some of the other items on our list as well as a bit of mad money to spend at your leisure.

2.) Large or Small FRIO Wallet

Next on our Labor Day Weekend must haves list are large and small FRIO Wallets. You’ve probably heard us sing their praises before. We love them for their ability to discretely keep diabetes supplies at the perfect temperature, no matter the weather.

3.) EZY-Dose Preloaded Syringe Carrying Case

We also can’t pass up an opportunity to talk about the EZY-Dose Preloaded Syringe Carrying Case. It is made from a white, impact-resistant plastic that’s about the size of a pen light and can hold a single, 1 cc syringe at a time. One side of the case has a pocket clip. So you can wear it on your person or tuck it away inside of your diabetes travel case.

4.) TRUE2go Glucose Monitoring System

The TRUE2go Glucose Monitoring System is another item that we felt compelled to put onto our Labor Day Weekend check list. It’s unobtrusive, compact, fast and accurate. As such, you won’t have to sacrifice holiday fun for health and safety. Either put it in your pocket or your diabetes traveling case with the rest of your gear. The choice is yours.

5.) Sure-Prep Alcohol Prep Pads

Last on our list are Sure-Prep Alcohol Prep Pads. They’ll help you remove any sand, barbecue sauce, suntan lotion, sweat or grime that may be on your skin. Therefore, you’ll reduce your risk of ending up with a false reading or infection.

To learn more about these great, Labor Day Weekend diabetic supplies and others, please contact us at Diabetes Health Supplies today.