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Diabetic foot ulcers or DFUs is a major concern for those suffering from diabetes. If not managed properly, this can lead to severe complications.  Foot ulcer, is a festering wound that may blow out of proportion eventually if not treated properly leading to an emergency amputation.


Necessary and timely precautions can prevent foot ulcers. The most important precaution is to take appropriate measures to keep the blood glucose level under control, after all prevention is better than cure. This is possible when you are in regular touch with your physician and continue to monitor your blood sugar level at regular intervals. You must consult your doctor at the slightest suspicion of a foot sore. Additionally, it is only when the diabetic complications get out of control that diabetic foot ulcer becomes unmanageable. Therefore, appropriate intervention at an early stage is the best strategy to remain safe.


What to do about foot sore?

One can lead a complete and full life even with diabetes provided it is managed and controlled well. However, uncontrolled and poorly managed diabetes can lead to several complications of very severe nature of which foot problems are just an example.

Foot problems among diabetics emerge from two major complications – poor circulation and nerve damage. Consult your doctor as soon as you notice a foot sore. The doctor will let you know the remedial steps you can immediately take. In addition, meeting a wound care specialist will most probably prevent the wound from progressing further. Right medication and proper care will heal the wound completely.