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Diabetic neuropathy is a very common ailment among diabetics, especially in patients who have diabetes for a long period of time. Diabetic people usually have high blood sugar levels which can eventually damage the nerves throughout the body. One of the common types of diabetic neuropathy seen among patients is peripheral neuropathy, where peripheral nerves get damaged. The main purpose of these nerves is to sense touch, temperature and pain. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy, often damages the nerves in the foot, which can lead to serious foot problems.

Diabetic patients usually lose some sensation in the feet. If they have a sore in the foot, they may not even realize it for a very long time. It is therefore necessary to check the feet every day as untreated problems can cause serious infections that can even lead to amputation.

Diabetic patients must make use of foot creams that are specifically designed for them. These creams keep the feet well moisturized and avoid formation of cracked, scaly and callused skin. They can be massaged gently on the foot to reduce numbness and promote blood circulation.

DiabetiCream by Dr. Rehm is known to be a very
effective cream. Another effective diabetic foot cream is Medseptic that contains natural lanolin, which is known to be good for diabetic foot disease. The Foot and Ankle Institute recommends lanolin for patients with diabetes to hold the moisture in the skin. Medseptic cream is also effective for denuded skin, minor burns, and adult diaper dermatitis.