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It is well know that people with diabetes generally heal slower than others and that they are more susceptible to developing an infected wound. Diabetes causes poor sensitivity in the extremities of the body as well as poor blood circulation to those parts of the body. Because of poor sensitivity, wounds in the hands and feet may go unnoticed which can delay treatment. Due to poor circulation, antibodies, nutrients and oxygen produced by the body do not reach the wound, hindering the normal healing process of the wound.

About hyperbaric healing

Hyperbaric wound healing is a process where the wounded patient is placed in a sealed chamber and is supplied with pure oxygen. This oxygen is pumped in at pressures greater than the atmospheric pressure and at a quantity greater than what is naturally available. This helps the body take in much greater quantities of oxygen which helps it to repair wounds at a faster rate, apart from imparting other benefits to the metabolism of the body.

Generally, slow healing wounds such as diabetic ulcers, radiation wounds, infected wounds, and burn wounds are benefited the most from the treatment.


Benefits for diabetics

Since poor blood circulation in diabetics affects the amount of oxygen and antibodies carried to the wounded tissue, the healing process becomes slow. With hyperbaric wound treatment, the tissues receive around 20 times more oxygen than normal, which greatly improves the metabolism of the cells and their healing ability in turn. If wounds heal much faster, then the lifestyle of diabetics will no longer be affected by the wounds.