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Diabetes can impair your body’s ability to fight infections. The high glucose levels in your blood lead to high sugar levels in body tissues. This allows the bacteria to grow in them giving rise to infections. The feet and overall skin of your body are more prone to such infections. It is vital that you treat these infections on time to keep them from growing into more serious ones. It is also essential that you take good care of minor wounds, sores and abrasions that can turn into breeding ground for bacteria.

As a diabetes patient, you need to keep an adequate stock of wound care supplies like wound barriers to protect open skin from external elements that can promote infection. Make sure that the medicine box in your house contains at least one pack of protective barrier films by Bard. It not only helps protect the wound but also prevents irritation that is usually caused by adhesives. It bonds to the skin preventing external irritants from coming into contact with the sensitive areas of your skin. It is not affected by most liquids.

You never know where you could develop a sore or wound on the skin. There are times, when you feel you need something more to secure a dressing placed over a particular part of the body. Keep handy a bottle of Mastisol liquid adhesive bottle by Ferndale. It has pump spray that proves very useful. The Mastisol spray can secure any dressing placed on hard-to-wrap areas on your skin giving you good protection. The solution is latex-free and non-water soluble.