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Insulin is one of the most important treatments when it comes to battling diabetes. Insulin is primarily a hormone substance that allows our bodies to absorb glucose from the blood. Without insulin, the body will not be able to collect the glucose it needs from the blood, leading to a number of very serious medical conditions to develop within the body.

Injecting Insulin

There are a number of ways to introduce insulin into the body. While the syringe and needle system are the most common methods of doing so, you could also use the more modern methods of a prefilled pen or cartridge system insulin treatments. Insulin pumps are also available at most medical stores.

Where you introduce the insulin into your body will determine how soon your body is able to use it. For instance, injecting the insulin into the abdominal region will allow your body to absorb the insulin faster than anywhere else on the body. The arms, thighs, and buttocks are the next best options if you want fast action of the insulin. It is essential to inject the insulin shots in the same place, once the dosage has started, as this helps prevent the breakdown and scarring of fat tissue beneath the skin.

Side effects of Insulin

As with most medical treatments, there is always the chance of side effects and some of the more common problems with insulin include low blood sugar, rashes developing at the site of the injection, or even an enlargement of the area where too many insulin injections have been administered.


The dosage will depend largely on the kind of diabetes you suffer from, as well as the severity of the same. It is essential that you consult your physician regarding the dosages for you.