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Osteomyelitis and other complications frequently cause elderly diabetics to need foot surgery, which could lead to a series of new problems. For example, there are some diabetics that do not have the physical strength, balance or general coordination needed to safely use a pair of crutches. So undergoing foot surgery could literally leave them completely immobile during the long recovery period typically associated with such operations. Thankfully, there are other pieces of durable medical equipment that may prevent that from happening. Among the most popular are knee walkers.

Knee walkers share some similarities with rollators, traditional walkers and wheelchairs. For instance, they feature wheels, handlebars and rubber grips. The big difference is that they are designed to support one leg and foot. The other leg and foot must be used to manually power the walker. Rollators and traditional walkers, on the other hand, are meant to be used with two feet. And wheelchairs, as most people know, are well suited for people who can’t use their feet at all.

Like their counterparts, knee walkers come in an array of styles and sizes. Let’s take four-wheeled knee walkers as examples. They tend to be very stable and are capable of making wide turns with ease. Three-wheeled knee walkers are typically less stable but have tight turn radiuses, which make them ideal for use in very confined places. Other design elements that are important to consider when selecting knee walkers for post-surgery use are its wheel size, weigh capacity, amount of leg support padding, steering system, breaking system and portability.

It’s also important to note that knee walker manufacturers also tend to make a wide variety of accessories to go with their products. The list includes, but isn’t limited to storage units, replacement parts and washable slip covers for the padded areas. To learn more about knee walkers and how they may be customized to aid diabetics during their recovery periods, please contact us today