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When it comes time to buy a manual wheelchair, most Americans are surprised by all the various options available. As such, they often have difficulty choosing between standard and transport models. So, to make the manual wheelchair buying process easier, we wanted to highlight the major differences between the two most common types. Let’s look at standard wheelchairs first:

Standard wheelchairs are frequently divided up into subcategories, like lightweight, high-back, bariatric and reclining. Nonetheless, the wheelchairs share some commonalities, the most important one being wheel size. The ones used to manufacture standard wheelchairs are typically huge, which offers users distinct advantages over their small-wheeled cousins. For example, they tend to offer optimal stability and negotiate rough terrain with ease. Plus, they are well-designed for people who have the arm strength and desire to remain independent but that’s not all. Thanks to a wide range of accessories, the wheelchairs can be personalized rather easily too.

Of course this brings us to the small-wheeled transport chairs. If they don’t offer as much stability on outdoor terrain as their big-wheeled relatives, why would someone want them? Simply put, they are affordable, compact, lightweight and designed to accommodate a wide variety of body types. Plus, the smaller wheels help keep at-risk patients under a caregiver’s control. Understandably, that makes them ideal for places where ailing visitors or residents need to share wheelchairs. The list of examples includes dementia centers, day care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and rehab centers.

With that said, buyers that want to foster independence and freedom should stick to the standard wheelchairs. Those that deal with a wide range of people on a regular basis and worry about cost should consider purchasing transport chairs instead. At Diabetes Health Supplies, we have both types of chairs in stock and prices start as low as $74. To learn more about them and find a wheelchair that’s the perfect fit, please contact us today.