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For millions of people monitoring their blood glucose levels can be demanding and tiresome. Frequently having to check blood glucose levels with a finger-prick test can be painful and sometimes misses sudden spikes in blood glucose levels.


Scientists at Western New England University are currently working on a fix to a problem that people living with diabetes face daily. A prototype has been created that is a non invasive monitoring device. This device which is similar to a breathalyser uses nanotechnology to detect acetone in the breath which is a marker that many scientists say accurately reflects blood glucose levels. More research is required but the idea of not having to prick your finger multiple times a day is considerably good news.

The device would have a chamber containing a single use test slide which would read the level of acetone present in the patients breath. Testing in clinics is set to begin this year however it will still be a while before we see a device similar to this on the market.

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/what-is-nano/nanomedicines-revolutionise-treatment-diabetes