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October is National Dental Hygiene Month! A healthy mouth is vital to living an active pleasant life. People living with diabetes have tend to have nerve and sensory disorders and poor wound healing. It is very important to maintain healthy hygiene as plaque and food particles adhere to the teeth. Known as biofilm, plaque is composed of many species of bacteria. Many people do not realize that oral complications are associated with diabetes and there is a increased risk of gum disease for people living with diabetes.


With poor glucose levels you are more likely to develop gum disease and lose more teeth than people living without diabetes. It is extremely important tomonitor blood glucose levels and maintain a health-conscious diet. Plaque buildup on your teeth can lead to gum infections and these infections can be a factor in causing your blood glucose level to rise. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, about one-third of people living with diabetes have severe gum disease that includes them losing their teeth.

It is very important for diabetics to manage their blood glucose levels and to brush twice a day. Flossing daily will help break down plaque buildup and prevent major gum diseases from manifesting. Brushing twice a day can improve gum health in as little as a month!