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Are you the type of person that proudly displays a National Association of Professional Organizers’ membership logo and lives to stay on top of everything to do with diabetes management? If so, you’ll certainly want to consider adding Nova Max products to your healthcare toolbox. This is especially the case with the company’s diabetes software.


Nova Max’s diabetes software is literally a type-A, hyper organized person’s dream. Designed to be used with four different glucose meters, a USB data cable and computer, it has many highly desirable features. As well organized folks ourselves, we love the ability to use the software to create custom, personalized charts showing our glucose readings and insulin data. But that’s not all this baby can do. The software also includes built-in tutorials, self care pages and electronic logbooks that can hold a great amount of organized data. And who among us doesn’t adore organized data?

It should come as no surprise that one of the great glucose monitors that are compatible with the software is included in the Nova Max Plus® Glucose Meter Kit. It is an exceptionally reliable, dual purpose device that has been winning over many type 1 and type 2 diabetics for some time now. The kit comes with its own carrying case, ketone test strips, control solution, lancets, lancing device, glucose test strips and glucose monitor. Plus, you get reference guides, a warranty card, battery, owner’s manual and a log book. So everything you need to check and record your ketone and blood glucose levels are truly all in one place.


When you are ready to import and organize the data into charts and graphs, grab the USB cable. Plug one end into your computer and the other into the blood glucose monitor. Then follow the easy download instructions that come with the diabetes software pack and keep on with your organized life. To learn more about staying organized and in control of your diabetes, please contact us at Diabetes Health Supplies. We have both of the afore mentioned Nova Max products in stock, year round, and we ship nationwide.