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A blood pressure monitor is a necessary device to have at home for people who suffer from blood pressure related conditions, like diabetes, and could be a life-saver. Omron has shown a constant presence in this market and has been known for their trusted, top of the line devices. Their Series 10+ blood pressure monitor has all the functionality you need and more, to track your readings and maintain healthy blood pressure levels.
Omron 10 Series blood pressure monitor connects to a computer using a USB cable, to log, track and share your readings online.

The Series 10+ has 2 user modes and a guest mode, allowing readings from 2 users to be separately logged in its memory. It allows guest users to check their readings without affecting the user logs. It is also compatible with HealthVault from Microsoft and has a feature which allows it to be connected to a computer via a USB cable, to track and share your log readings.

Another feature on this is the Calibration checking system that double checks your readings automatically, increasing the accuracy of the readings. It also has a TruRead mode that takes three continuous readings with one minute gaps and displays an average value, which is consistent with recognized international guidelines. It also allows you to view your weekly average of evening and morning blood pressure levels by pressing a single button. It has a feature that can alert you if it detects irregular heartbeats when measuring your blood pressure.

The device comes with a comfortable cuff with a circumference from 9 inch to 17 inch to fit almost any arm for accurate measurements. Also, the memory storage allows up to 200 readings to be stored with the time and date, and also allows you to review all these readings.