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At the moment, being on the receiving end of a diabetes diagnosis means that you’ll have to resign yourself to routinely being poked, prodded and otherwise injected with sharp instruments. However, news published in July 2014, as well as earlier in the year, indicates that may change in the future.


The July headlines focused on type 1 diabetes and the FOXO1 gene. The gene’s connection to both major types of diabetes has been studied several times before and as a result, it is widely believed to play a significant role in metabolism. The latest study shows that with the right manipulation, it may significantly reduce the amount of injections needed to manage a person’s health.

Additional headlines from the months prior revealed that researchers from across the globe are currently working on other injection alternatives as well. The list of options presently in development includes, but is not restricted to oral medications, handheld inhalers, artificial organs, islet cell transplants and certain forms of weight loss surgery. Understandably, not all of the treatments are ready for prime time.

That said, there are at least diabetes supplies available that have the potential to make living with frequent injections a bit more bearable. Ultra thin lancets, safety lancets, ultrasoft lancing devices and fast clicking lancet devices are just four categories of diabetes products that are making diabetics’ lives a bit easier.

Furthermore, diabetes testing has also gotten a lot more precise and high tech since Sir Edward Albert Sharpey-Schafer first started looking at people’s islets of Langerhans. Today, people have access to devices like glucose meter docking stations, talking monitors, diabetes management software, wearable alarms, portable insulin coolers and a stunning variety of insulin pumps.

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