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Walkers come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. Even though they share some similarities, each type of walker is designed for a specific need and function. The following guide will help you find the walker with the right support and features.

Standard Walkers:

This type of walker offers the most support. Standard walkers are most appropriate for individuals who have a high risk of falling or who are recovering from knee, hip, or other types of surgery. They are also the easiest to operate if you have limited hand dexterity. Basic models without wheels provide the most stability and work best on indoor surfaces. For individuals who do not need as much support, two wheels can be added to the front to make the walker easier to maneuver.

Rollator Walkers:

Rollator walkers are extremely popular but may not be appropriate for everyone. Rollators have wheels on all four legs and typically come with a seat and a basket. This type of walker is best for people who just need a little extra help getting around but who are still relatively stable on their feet. Rollators offer the best mobility, which makes them perfect for someone who likes to be out and about. The seat provides a convenient resting place, and the basket is perfect for shopping or carrying items from room to room. To safely use a rollator walker, you need to have sufficient hand strength and quick enough reflexes to operate the breaks when needed.

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