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Do you have difficulty walking and standing for long periods of time? Before those problems cropped up was the great outdoors on your list of favorite places to be? If so, investing in a rollator may help you get back on your feet and outside enjoying the wide open spaces. You may ask, “What the heck are they?” In short, they’re a special form of rolling walker that may be used indoors or out. Plus, they traditionally come outfitted with seats and backrests. Customized rollators with built-in foot rests and storage areas are often available too.

When choosing from the various models of rollators on the market today, it’s important to keep a few key things in mind. The most important one is your physical makeup. Ideally the rollator should be strong and have enough padding to accommodate your weight and hip width comfortably. It should also be tall enough to allow you to use it without having to hunch over, reach up or otherwise contort your body in an unnatural walking or standing position. But that isn’t all that should be taken into consideration.

Rollators vary in design and not all of them are best for outdoor or indoor use. Consequently, it’s best to look at the rollators’ wheels, overall size, weight and portability then select one that matches your living environment. Take people that have to walk across the grass or gravel to reach their doorsteps for examples. They’ll need a rollator with large wheels and the stability needed to handle uneven terrain.

Of course lifestyle and health factors should also come into play when purchasing a rollator for home or office use. For example, if you like to walk to the corner store now and again to buy some snacks, select a rollator with built-in storage that’s big enough to hold your routine purchases. On the other hand, if you are prone to episodes of edema, a rollator with adjustable footrests may be more apropos.

To learn more about rollators and how they may help you get back to doing the things that you love with ease, please contact us today. At Diabetes Health Supplies, we currently have several different rollators in stock, including those with some of the features we mentioned previously, and we’d love to help you find the right one.