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Smoked turkey with cheese quesadilla takes not more than a few minutes to prepare and provides adequate amounts of carbohydrates and proteins. Use whole wheat tortillas to keep the carbohydrate and calorie amount in check.


To make smoked turkey and jack cheese quesadillas, you need 4 tortillas, 8 inches in size and preferable made of whole wheat; 4 to 6 large and thin slices of turkey breast, lean and smoked; one third of a cup of diced tomatoes; two thirds of a cup of Monterey jack cheese and jalapeno flavored jack cheese or cheddar cheese, all fat-free and shredded. As for spices, you will need a quarter cup of mild green chilies or bottle roasted red sweet pepper, chopped and well drained.


Take a microwave safe plate and place a tortilla in it. Spread a quarter of the chopped cheese over the tortilla, cover the plate, and microwave it at 50 percent power for about a minute or until the cheese melts partially. Take the plate out and spread half of the green chilies or red pepper and half of the tomatoes over the melted cheese. Take half of the smoked turkey slices and place them over the tortilla. Compress it lightly, spread another quarter of the cheese over it, and cover it with another tortilla.

Place the plate with the preparation back in the microwave, cover it, and cook at 50 percent power for about a minute or until the cheese on top is partially melted. Repeat the process to prepare the second quesadilla. Cut them up into wedges and serve hot.