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Persons living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes have to purchase certain products to help manage the disease, including glucometers and testing strips, lancet devices and even alcohol swabs. There are numerous other kinds of products that may be beneficial for the diabetic but are not considered “must haves”. One such item is diabetic socks.

Because many persons with diabetes have circulatory problems, diabetic socks are made without elastic so that they don’t bind and restrict blood flow. Most diabetic socks also control moisture to aid in the prevention of infections, and the toes are seamless to prevent pressure and blistering.

One type of diabetic sock is made by Ecosox using bamboo fiber fabric. Compared to cotton, this bamboo fabric is soft, warm, and odorless; it can also absorb 3-4 times more moisture than cotton.

While the Ecosox Diabetic Socks are non-binding, the company states that they are designed to stay up and do not slide down and bunch around the ankles. Another property of this brand is thermo-regulation: they keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. Ecosox are made in several different colors.


Another maker of diabetic socks is Sugar Free Sox, based in San Diego, California. Sugar Free Sox keeps the sock up with a “unique construction of materials”: the cotton in the sock shrinks in the wash and then expands and conforms to the leg with the aide of the spandex and nylon woven throughout the sock.

Like Ecosox, Sugar Free Sox come in a variety of colors; white may be best for persons with open wounds so that any drainage from the site can be easily seen. Sugar Sox promise to be the “most comfortable socks you’ve ever worn” or the company will refund your money.

Even if you’re not experiencing problems with your feel or legs, you might want to consider purchasing diabetic socks for the many benefits they provide. At a minimum, these socks will be far more comfortable than any others you’ve worn; that’s a big benefit in itself.

Diabetes Health Supplies carries both Ecosox and Sugar Free Sox, in addition to glucometers, test strips, insulin pump supplies and more. If you’d like to find out about our vast selection, please contact us.