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Already a great product and huge improvement from the old-school fanny-pack, the Spibelt has become widely used in the diabetic community recently.


The greatest use has proven to be for insulin pump users, due to it covering all the requirements of an insulin pump carry pouch and still show improved features. It’s unique design allows for a tight clean fit that can clip under or over clothing and still hold the pump firmly no-matter what size or shape. This is because the Spibelt has a firm elastic material and a unique layering of this material to scale in size. The belt also has a small port-hole in the back that can be for tubing and/or headphones. Because it is designed for use while exercising, added jogging or walking with your insulin pump is not a problem.

There is also a kids line available plus many more options and colors. We have found many diabetics are also using them for glucose meter and test strip transport, along with lancets and lancing devices. I personally have used one for my Android device while one of my co-workers uses his for an old iPod/iPhone device.

You can see the full list of products under our brands listing @ Spibelt.