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Stay on top of your A1C number (2-3 month indicator of average blood glucose) with the Bayer Diabetes A1CNow SelfCheck Home Test Kit from Diabetes Health Supplies. This simple to use two test kit will tell you how well you are doing with your diabetes, so you can be in better control. When it comes to diabetes, knowledge is everything. Bring your A1C results to your doctors office for better diabetes management.

When you are in between doctors visits, the Bayer A1CNow SelfCheck Home Test Kit is the simplest way to check your A1C levels and will give you lab accurate results within five minutes. No waiting in line, waiting for results or paying for lab work. Checking your A1C levels has never been easier.

Don’t delay any longer. For quick home delivery, order your Bayer A1CNow SelfCheck Home Test Kit today from Diabetes Health Supplies!


A1CNow SelfCheck Kit Features

  • Easy to use
  • Results within 5 minutes
  • 2-3 month indicator of Average Blood Glucose
  • Tiny blood sample required
  • Lab accurate results
  • Two Test Kit

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