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In November of 2012, the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition published a research article that outlined the benefits of turmeric for inhibiting the enzymes linked to type 2 diabetes. In this study, the volatile oils in turmeric were found to be more effective in the treatment of type 2 diabetes than prescription medication.

Turmeric has a rich flavor and is one of the key components of curry spice. Turmeric tastes wonderful when added to diabetic foods such as steamed vegetables and whole-grain pastas, while curry is an excellent spice to add to low-fat chicken breast and fiber-rich bean dishes and soups


In January of 2012, the Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences published a research article that explored the powerful health benefits of flax, which included diabetes care. Flax was shown to significantly improve peak blood glucose levels and maintain blood-sugar control for those with diabetes. In addition, the study found that flax helps in heart disease prevention, cancer prevention, and hormone balancing.

Flax can be consumed in seed, oil, or ground form. Flax flour is an outstanding gluten-free substitute for traditional flour in diabetic recipes, while flax seed oil is perfect as a dietary supplement. Flax seed, on the other hand, serves as a great addition to many diabetic foods that can be easily added to salads, wraps, yogurt, and other dishes to add a slightly nutty flavor.

Remember that it’s very important to eat healthy foods, yet just as important to keep a close eye on your insulin levels to help fight against the serious side-effects of diabetes. By adding turmeric and flax to your diabetic diet and monitoring your health with diabetic supplies such as glucose meters and on-the-go SPIbelts, you will get a much better handle on diabetes. For more information about diabetic foods, supplements, products and essential supplies, contact us.