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The tomato and cheese quiche is a preparation that fills the need for protein and is moderate in carbohydrates. Diabetics need a protein and fiber rich diet to slow down the process of digestion so that glucose is released over a period of time. While this recipe is rich in protein, it also has its fair share of carbohydrates, which diabetics need to watch out for. Plan your meals properly so that you do not exceed the limits of your dietary regimen.


To make a cheese and tomato quiche, you will need a half cup of egg product or egg substitute; half a tablespoon of powdered milk – non fat; half a cup of grated low fat cheddar cheese; and one quarter cup of chopped sun-dried tomatoes. For taste, add one teaspoon of basil and one teaspoon of black pepper along with a dash of paprika.


It usually takes about 45 minutes to prepare a serving of cheese and tomato quiche. Heat the oven until a temperature of 350F is reached. Take a pie pan or three muffin tins and coat them with non-stick cooking spray. Mix the ingredients well into a chunky batter and pour it into the pan or tins. Add some more paprika if needed. Let it bake in the oven for 30 minutes or until the batter does not stick if a knife is inserted into the middle of the pie. Allow the preparation to stand for a few minutes and then serve.