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Insulin is primarily a hormone that is tasked with treating diabetes by controlling the amount of glucose (or sugar) present in the blood. Insulin is used in the treatment of all types of diabetes, but may be used in combination with other substances to be an effective cure.

Types of Insulin

While we know that insulin is an important part of most diabetes treatments, there also exist noninsulin-based diabetic treatments. There are a few different types of insulin that are classified into categories based on how fast they start to have an effect on the body, and on the duration of their effect. Insulin is delivered through an insulin pump which can be worn at on the hip or back with an insulin pump case.

  • The first type of insulin is known as rapid acting insulin and its name is derived from the fact that the effects of the insulin are noticeable within a few minutes of administering the dosage. The effect of rapid acting insulin lasts for a few hours, before it starts to wear off.
  • Regular or short acting insulin will start to have a noticeable effect in the individual within about 30 minutes, from the time of administration, and last for between 3 to 6 hours.
  • Intermediate varieties of insulin will have a noticeable effect between 2 to 4 hours after being administered and start to wear off after a period of 18 hours.
  • The long acting varieties of insulin will take effect between six to ten hours from administration and last for a whole day.

Your physician will decide the type of insulin that will work best for your body. He or she may also suggest other medications to be used along with the insulin for more effective treatment.