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According to assistive device related statistics provided by the National Institutes of Health, upwards of two million people in our country will use wheelchairs this year. For many, it will be a temporary setback but others must learn to remain seated in them for the rest of their lives. As such, they’ll undoubtedly have questions, including how to maintain their hygiene, and we have the answers:

One wheelchair accessory that may help disabled individuals feel fabulous is a shampoo tray with straps. The portable trays are perfect for those times when dry shampooing is no longer a desirable option. Often used by at-home caregivers and certified nursing assistants, they’re meant to support the patient’s head during shampooing. Support is frequently needed especially if patients are using high-backed wheelchairs that refuse to go into any sort of comfortable, recline position.

In addition, the tray’s sloped design diverts water, soap, conditioners, colored rinses and stray hairs towards the sink drain as opposed to the patient’s backside. However, if you plan on using it with peroxide, bleach or dye-laden products be sure to thoroughly cleanse the plastic tray after each use. Otherwise, the chemicals are likely to degrade the plastic over time and increase its porosity, which could lead to permanent staining.

Under normal use it will resist stains and other surface damage. As for the 54-inch long straps, they’re generally resist stains too. But if they do become soiled, feel free to clean them using a mild dish detergent and perhaps a soft or hard-bristled bottle brush to get into any small grooves. Afterward, dry the tray and allow the accompanying strap to air dry for 24 to 36 hours at the most.  The straps, by the way, make it easy for caregivers to hang the tray up to dry using a well-placed, bathrobe or towel hook for support.

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