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Over the past decade, technological advances have made great strides in making living with diabetes easier. The new FastClix lancet system is one such way with its easy to use lancing device.

FastClix is simple and just what the name implies. Fast. With a preloaded drum filled with six lancets, it is a much more user friendly device than its predecessor, the Mulitclix. To change the drum you simply remove the black cap by pulling it straight off the pen, insert a new preloaded drum white end first until it clicks, and replace the cap. No need to handle small, individual lancets.


Roche, the makers of FastClix, have taken away the need to cock the FastClix with each use as well, and have made it easier to rotate to a new lancet. You only have to push the white lever to one side and with a click it rotates. From there all you do is push your thumb down on the top button and the lancet lances your finger.

Another new feature not on the older generation Multiclix is the actual large, easy to read number counter showing remaining unused lancets in the drum. What’s more, the dial never goes to “0”, but stays at “1”, meaning when you are out and about and unable to load a new drum, you can reuse the last lancet as often as you need. Note it is recommended to use a new, sterile lancet with each stick for hygienic purposes. Needles do dull and bend and become less gentle as they are reused as well. However, in a pinch, you won’t be left in a bind with this system.

Maybe most importantly, the FastClix lancet system has been proven the least painful testing device on the market. With new technology Roche has minimized the side to side motion, making for a smooth skin entry, equaling less pain. The FastClix comes with eleven depth settings as well.

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