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Good afternoon management and staff of DHSmed. Allow me please to share a quick story.

Tuesday afternoon started off on a very sour note for me. I was given the run around by a company, which I had ordered a special wheelchair from, through the internet. I had placed the order on Tuesday February 17th. My credit card was charged that evening and I received an email saying the product was on the way and would arrive between February 23rd and 26th. I received no tracking information and by Tuesday, I still had no idea when or where it shipped from. After placing several calls that vendor finally told me that the distributor never shipped the chair and in fact, it was on back order and may or may not have it in stock by the 26th.

Well, in the meantime, while being placed on hold, I was already scrambling and searching online for a comparable reclining wheelchair from another manufacturer. I came across DHSmed in my search when I found one that I was pleased with. I called the number and was immediately greeted by the very friendly voice of Rachel. She humored me by listening to my tale of frustration and plea for assistance. We looked together online and compared numbers to make sure that we both were looking at the same model. She then placed a call to ensure that what I was looking for was indeed in stock and ready to ship out and it was. Once I was able to go through the process with her, I felt comfortable enough to call the other vendor back – at which point, I smuggly canceled and told them that I found something else and was guaranteed delivery.

This afternoon, my father called me at work to tell me the wheelchair had arrived. We both plan on taking it to the memory care facility where my mother resides, just after her nap and before dinner so we can help situate her in her new chair. We are both thrilled in the expedient and courteous customer service and wanted to express our gratitude. Rachel and DHSmed have delivered great customer service. True, they all may have “just been doing their jobs”; however, excellent customer service is sometimes taken for granted and I do, very much, appreciate receiving just that on Wednesday, Tuesday afternoon, February 24th.

Thank you so much.

Kind Regards,

Beth A

Surprisingly fast shipment, the package arrived far faster than expected. Expiration date is two years from today so this is fresh stock of test strips and not old stuff near expiration. Great price for the product. I was quite pleased with every aspect of this transaction and will do business with DHSmed again.
– Joe C.

Multiple time customer. Deliveries always on time and in stated condition for an amazing price.
– Xavier H.

Wow!!! Super, fast shipping. This company gets top rating for that. Lancing devices are exactly what we need since my sons sub-nurse lost his. Thank you so much.
– Jennifer K.

Sold, delivered, charged as promised. Long time to expiration dates. Easy way to replenish and get better price than locally! This company was very prompt in filling order. Nice to be able to see where I ordered from last time and return to same company if same product is available from that company. No issues in this transaction!
– Kraig K.

I contacted this company on 12/12/13 because the strips were not here. In less that 2 hours they called & said they were here on Dec.7th. I picked them up this a.m. It was an Postal error & not the company. Product is as described. I was notified del to be between 12/09 & 12/12. they were received on 12/7. This service and concern is awesome! Many thanks!!
– Margo H.

This vendor was terrific ! the item arrived right on time & just as they described it I will definitely be a repeat customer.
– Virginia V.

Another great transaction with this company. Very fast shipping and good follow up!
– Dana H.

All 5 stars. I have a very pleasant experience with the company ๐Ÿ™‚ the order arrives very fast and the expiration date is 1 1/2 years away.
– Li X.

Thanks for the incredible service. I ordered on 11/18 and had them on 11/20! Don’t know how you were able to get them to me via USPS so fast. I received my 100 test strips as ordered and the expiration date is later in 2014. Thanks again. Will be back for more soon.
โ€“ Stephanie F.

Third time to order from these people. Excellent delivery time, reasonable prices and totally hassle free! Thanks!
– Alana A.

Smooth transaction. Fast shipping. Good value. Recommended company.
– William T.

Husband asked me to “bookmark” this company because he was so pleased with the package. Great company.
– Nicole F.

Oh my goodness!!!!! I ordered this item on Thursday afternoon after my husband had such a low blood sugar that I had to inject him with glucagon AND call 911. I relayed this to the company & asked if they could get it to me ASAP. I live in FL & didn’t know the company was in CA. You can’t imagine how happy I was to receive it on Saturday. Such peace of mind for me & my husband. You guys rock!!!
โ€“Jayne G.

Thank you for shipping the product in no time. It is as it was described. Highly recommended.
– Liliana M.

I love the speedy delivery and free shipping. The free shipping is one reason I chose you. – Gregory H.

Wonderful and prompt service. Merchandise is great. Appreciate everything very much. – Frances T.

This is the second time I’ve ordered from this company. Both times my order has shipped the same day I placed it! Very pleased with the quick service. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
– Shelley K.

Very honest and helpful company. Went out of their way to make sure I was happy and satisfied with my purchase. Would definitely buy from again and will check their items first the next time I am in need of other diabetic supplies.
– Debby L.

Great pricing, fast delivery. What more can I say?
– David C.

Actual person called to advise a delay in shipment due to item out of stock, first time I received such consideration. Great company!
– Richard E.