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Diabetes is a deadly condition if left untreated. Diabetes management requires focus on right diet, adequate physical activity and proper medication. The management of diabetes may require frequent monitoring and strong will power. However, diabetes can get out of control if there is a problem of blood pressure in addition.

Research background

Diabetics need to monitor and track their blood pressure at a greater frequency. A recent study published in “Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology” claims that mobile technologies using wireless, as against devices that use modem are better because they are more effective in recording and reading blood pressure at greater frequency.

The study was done by the Center for Connected Health which is a part of Partners Healthcare. The study was subjected upon 30 patients in the median age of 61.7 while the grant for the study was made by the Verizon Foundation. The wireless devices enabled with blue tooth recorded a higher and more frequent number of readings.


The clear and definite finding in this study was that wireless enabled blood pressure monitoring devices are better and efficient for monitoring and recording blood pressure because their recordings are more in number as well as more frequent.

Patients who used wireless devises had three measurements recorded in five days, while it was only one measurement every five days in case of patients who used modem based devices. Additionally, patients using wireless devices on average uploaded their data twice every five days but those using the modem devices did so only once every 100 days.