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Diabetes is a very serious condition that affects a patient’s life in more ways than one can imagine. Reports show that as many as 18 million individuals suffer from the condition in the United States of America alone. One of the most well known issues is the effect it has on the healing capabilities of the body.

Causes and Reasons

Diabetes is a cause for concern with regards to wound healing because of the fact that it prevents the body from being able to manage its sugar intake effectively. Studies have shown that the primary reason is the increase in oxygen levels within the body, a condition known as hyperoxia. These increased oxygen levels will then trigger an increased activation of the bone marrow enzyme eNOS, causing oxide production. Some of the main reasons that wounds in diabetic patients will take longer to heal include, weaker immune systems, narrow arteries, and nerve damage. Make it a point to consult your physician as to the best plan of action when suffering from diabetes.

What you can do to improve healing

There are a few steps that you could take to help speed up wounds even if you are suffering from diabetes. It is important to give even the smallest wounds immediate care. Avoid waiting as this could easily lead to the development of an infection. Cleaning the wound with some kinds of medicinal spirits will help prevent infections, while covering the wound with a sterile bandage will help the wound heal faster. Avoid placing any stress on the wound during the healing process, as doing so would significantly slow it down. Improve your overall cardiovascular health in order to optimize circulation throughout your body.